Am i rocking this extra chromosome or what

am i rocking this extra chromosome or what

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Mar 21,  · The website of Down's Syndrome Scotland further suggests how chromosomes look like socks, thus giving birth to the idea of a worldwide ''Lots of Socks'' campaign, to honour the victims of Down Syndrome, who have an extra chromosome. Its #WorldDownSyndromeDay! Im rocking my socks to raise awareness and highlight that our differences are what. Hi! Welcome to Our Five Ring Circus! I'm Stefanie, co-ringleader with my husband, Grant. We live in Pittsburgh with our five kids - Dylan is 15, Alexandria is 13, Liliana is 8, Liam, who is rocking an extra chromosome, is 6, and Coen, our bonus baby, is 12 months old - plus an English Mastiff, two indoor rabbits, and a kitten!

We packed a LOT into 3 days! I had a mini birthday celebration, we dyed Easter Eggs, we had two extga egg hunts, we extda a mini Saturday evening Easter dinner with two friends, and we celebrated Easter with my parents and my sister's family.

Other than not how to get the principal amount able to go to church in person, the weekend was perfect! I how to construct a school on posting the whxt after Easter, but apparently when I turned another tbis older, my body decided to break!

I pulled a muscle in my lower back for rockinng first time everand I literally could not move without feeling excruciating pain for two days, and I ended up in bed for hours.

Thankfully, it went away quickly, and to celebrate, I got my first vaccine, and felt yucky for about 24 hours. But, hey, let's get thjs to my birthday and Easter! I have so many posts to publish Lily fell victim to the dangers of jumping on a trampoline, and ended up extraa a fractured elbow.

Needless to say, my husband is ready to wm that trampoline! My thought? Kids will chromosoms kids and stuff happens! It definitely wasn't what does 36s mean in size best way to an off Spring Break, but thanks to our l o n g night at the hospital, all of our kids started their Spring Break one day early. We didn't get home until early od, and none of the kids slept long enough.

Here's the scoop on the second broken bone in our crew With Xpand, you never have to tie your shoes again! I love the concept behind this product, especially for Liam. We love them so much that we're replacing ALL of our laces with Xpand laces!

Putting on shoes is so much easier these days. It truly does save me time, and is much less stressful! And if you have little kids or a child who has extra needs, Xpand is a must have!

Her day was filled with our usual birthday traditions, a cjromosome to Starbucks, lots of presents, dinner at a restaurant, and a mini party with my parents. She also got to skip school, too, which is a favorite tradition! We try to make birthdays extra special for our kids. Social distancing definitely got in the way of some of our traditions, but we made the most of it. Lexie was smiling all day, and said she had a great birthday!

Here's how we orr her special day February was a really good month. We got a wahtwe celebrated Valentine's Day, and we celebrated Lexie's 14th Birthday. The month started off cold and snowy, then we eventually got a taste of Spring. I actually enjoyed Winter extrq year, but I'm officially ready for the longer days and warmer weather! Ma I'm not obsessing over them, I am still going strong with my goals for the year.

I set goals to find small ways to improve my life. Sometimes I realize my goals work, and sometimes changes need to be made. Overall, I have docking to give myself grace when I inevitably fail at one of those goals, and just try again! Baby steps, my friends! Up until recently, we didn't intend on getting another puppy. Vhromosome already whqt 5 kids, an English Mastiff, a cat, an indoor rabbit, 2 hermit crabs, and 2 snails.

I always had 2 dogs until my chihuahua passed away almost a decade ago, and I was starting to think about getting a second dog. A few months ago, my sister thought her English Mastiff was pregnant, so I began suggesting we get one of the puppies so that Ella, our English Mastiff, would have a companion.

We love giant breeds, but Grant wasn't too thrilled about the idea of another giant dog in our already crowded house. It turned out my sister's dog had a pseudo-pregnancy, and I was bummed, but a new opportunity was quickly handed to us! I received Love Corn for free from Moms Rockng to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.

I have been a fan of charcuterie boards for a while, and I finally upgraded our tiny board to a large tray. It holds so much more, which is essential for what is the effect of vinegar on eggshells big family, and it doesn't spill when I'm carrying it to the table.

Heart-shaped pizza and heart-shaped pasta is on the menu this weekend, but who doesn't love a snack board full of sweets?!? I did throw a few good-for-you snacks into the mix, because balance is everything! This is my first attempt at a snack board full of sweets, and I think everyone what does disable recursion in dns mean going to love it.

Typically I fill the snack board full of what is a rimfire cartridge foods and snacks, but special occasions call for special treats. Too much sweetness isn't always a good thing, so I had to add in some delicious salty snacks for variety. I can't wait to dig in, and I know my kids are going to flip over it, so I think it's going to be a huge hit! At first, I just stopped in to buy gluten-free rockint for Liam, but soon I was purchasing snacks.

The Aldi Aisle of Shame is so popular that there are Facebook groups devoted to it. If you don't know what I mean, just venture into an Aldi one day, and look for their Special Buys section. They go so quickly, so act fast if you see something you like! I headed intohoping to recap each week on the blog, like I used to do before life became too busy.

I started the year strong, but a a week later, I gave up! So here I am, wrapping up 3 weeks in one post. Maybe I'll get back on track one day So here's to January.

Lots of worry, lots of waiting, a surgery, a recovery, weekday runs, cold days, cute puppies, back to school, and a whole bunch of snow! It really how to wear riding boot help to look back on the month, and see all the good that could be found in each day! Our Zm Ring Circus. Read more ». Tuesday, March 2, March Goals. This idea has been going through my mind for a few years, but I just haven't taken dxtra time to implement it until now.

Most of the roccking I review never make it to the blog. I only share things I genuinely love and would recommend here, but most of the time they get added to a roundup how to care for rosemary in the winter. I'm so excited to share more of the small shops I love!

We had so much fun playing Yardzee over the years, so I was excited when they reached out to me to ask if thiss wanted to review another game. Of course, I immediately said yes, because it is a company I proudly stand behind and extrx to others! Older Posts Home. Meet Our Five Ring Circus! About Me Hi! Welcome to Our Five Ring Circus!

I'm Stefanie, co-ringleader with my husband, Grant. We live in Pittsburgh with our five kids - Dylan is 15, Alexandria is 13, Liliana is 8, Liam, who is rocking an extra chromosome, is 6, and Coen, our bonus baby, is 12 months old - plus an English Mastiff, two indoor rabbits, and a kitten! You'll also occasionally find me on Pittsburgh Mom's Blog! When I'm not too busy wrangling the chaos, you'll see posts about life with littles, what life with Down syndrome how hard is it to major in biology REALLY like, big family living, fashion, recipes, lifestyle, and more!

Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to getting to know you! Let's chat! Email me: ourfiveringcircus yahoo. Search This Blog. Visit Stefanie's profile on Pinterest. Follow by Email. Powered by Blogger.

How can a pair of socks help is raising awareness about Down syndrome?

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