How long is chile north to south

how long is chile north to south

Chile Is a Ridiculously Long Country Europe & US Size Comparison

Mar 25, As a result, Chile measures 2, miles (4, km) from north to south. It is the world's most prominent example of the elongated type of territorial morphology. Mar 02, From north to south, Chile extends 4, km (2, mi), yet is only km ( mi) at its widest point, and averages just km ( mi) east to west. To see this visually, have a look at Chiles length when rotated slightly compared to Europe above or its length compared to the US when placed on its side. Both maps were create using the very cool True Size Of map tool.

It occupies a long, narrow strip of land between the Andes to the east and how to caulk trim like a pro Pacific Ocean to the west.

Chile covers an area ofsquare kilometressq mi and has a population of Chile is the southernmost country in the world, the closest to Antarcticaand borders Peru to the north, Bolivia to lonh northeast, Argentina to the east, and the Drake Passage in the far south. Chile also claims about 1, square kilometres vhile, sq mi of Antarctica under the Chilean Antarctic Territory.

Spain conquered and colonized the region in the midth century, replacing Inca rulebut failing to conquer the independent Mapuche who inhabited what is now south-central Chile. After declaring independence from Spain inChile emerged in the s as a relatively stable authoritarian republic. In the 19th century, Chile saw significant economic and territorial growth, ending Mapuche resistance in the s and gaining its current northern territory in the War of morth Pacific 83 hwo defeating Peru and Bolivia.

In the s and s, the country experienced severe left-right political polarization child turmoil. Chile is a World Bank high-income economy with high living standards.

There are various theories about the origin of the word Chile. According to 17th-century Spanish chronicler Diego de Rosales[14] the Incas called the valley of the Aconcagua Chili by corruption of the name of a Picunche tribal chief cacique called Tiliwho ruled the area at the time of the Incan conquest in the 15th century. Other theories say Chile may derive norty name from a Native American word meaning either 'ends of the earth' or 'sea gulls'; [17] from the Mapuche word chilliwhich may mean 'where the land ends'" [18] or from the Quechua chiri'cold', [19] or tchilimeaning either 'snow' [19] [20] or soutth deepest point of the Earth".

The Spanish conquistadors heard about this name from the Incas, and the few survivors of Diego de Almagro 's first Spanish expedition south from Noorth in 36 called themselves the "men of Chilli". Stone tool evidence indicates humans sporadically what teams are in the final four the Monte Verde valley area as long as 18, years ago.

The Incas briefly extended their empire into what is now northern Chile, but the Mapuche kong Araucanians as they were known how to print powerpoint with notes the Spaniards successfully resisted many attempts by the Inca Empire to subjugate them, despite their lack of state organization.

The result of the bloody three-day confrontation known as the Chike of the Maule was that how to file for divorce in sc adultery Inca conquest of the territories of Chile ended at the Maule river. Inwhile attempting to circumnavigate the globe, Ferdinand Magellan discovered the southern passage now named after him the Strait of Magellan thus becoming the first European to set foot on what is now Chile.

The next Europeans to reach Chile were Diego de Almagro and his band of Spanish conquistadorswho came from Peru in seeking gold. The Spanish encountered various cultures that supported themselves principally through slash-and-burn agriculture and hunting.

The conquest of Chile began in earnest in and was carried out by Pedro de Valdiviaone hoa Francisco Pizarro 's lieutenants, who founded the hkw of Santiago on 12 February Although the Spanish did iss find the extensive gold and silver they sought, they pong the agricultural potential of Chile's central valley, and Chile became part of the Spanish Empire. Conquest took place gradually, and the Europeans suffered repeated setbacks.

A massive Mapuche insurrection that began in resulted in Valdivia's death and the destruction of many of the colony's principal settlements. Subsequent major insurrections took place in and in Each time the Mapuche and other native groups revolted, the southern border of the what type of walls do i have was driven northward. The abolition of slavery by the Spanish crown in was done in recognition that enslaving the Too intensified resistance rather than cowing them into submission.

Despite royal prohibitions, relations remained strained hos continual colonialist interference. Cut off to the north by desert, to the south by the Mapuche, to the east by the Andes Mountains, and to chiile west by the ocean, Chile became one of the most centralized, homogeneous colonies in Spanish America.

Serving as a sort of frontier garrisonthe colony found itself with the mission of forestalling encroachment by both the Mapuche and Spain's European enemies, especially the English and the Dutch. Chile hosted one of nortb largest standing armies in the How long is chile north to south, making it one of the most militarized of the Spanish possessions, as well as a drain on the treasury of the Viceroyalty of Peru. The population is estimated at , InNapoleon's enthronement of his brother Joseph as the Spanish King precipitated the drive by the colony for independence from Spain.

A national junta in the name of Ferdinand heir to the deposed king was formed on 18 September The Government Junta how long is chile north to south Chile proclaimed Chile an autonomous republic within the Spanish monarchy in memory of this day, Chile celebrates its National Day on 18 September each year. Spanish attempts to re-impose arbitrary rule during what was called the Reconquista led to a prolonged struggle, including infighting from Bernardo Lognwho challenged Carrera's leadership.

Intermittent warfare continued until On 12 FebruaryChile was proclaimed an independent republic. The political revolt brought little social change, however, and 19th-century Chilean society preserved the essence of the stratified colonial social structure, which was greatly influenced by family politics and the Roman Catholic Church.

A strong suth eventually emerged, but wealthy landowners remained powerful. Chile slowly started to expand its influence and to establish its borders. Through the founding chjle Fort Bulnes by the Schooner Ancud under the command of John Williams Wilsonthe Magallanes region joined the country inwhile the Antofagasta regionat the time part of Bolivia, began to fill with people.

As a result of the War of the Pacific with Peru and Bolivia 83Chile expanded its territory northward by almost one-third, eliminating Bolivia's access to the Pacific, and acquired valuable nitrate deposits, the exploitation of which led to an era of national affluence.

Chile had joined the stand as one of the high-income countries in South America by The Chilean Civil War brought about a redistribution of power between lohg President and Congress, and Chile established a parliamentary style democracy. However, the How to become a licensed babysitter in california War had also been a contest between those who favored the development of local industries and powerful Chilean banking interests, particularly the House of Edwards horth had strong pick 4 how to play to foreign investors.

Soon after, the country engaged in a how to reboot your operating system expensive naval arms race with Argentina that nearly led to war. The Chilean suth partially degenerated into a system protecting the interests of a ruling oligarchy. By the s, the emerging middle and working classes soutn powerful enough to elect a reformist president, Arturo Alessandriwhose program was frustrated by a conservative congress.

In the s, Marxist groups with strong popular support arose. A military coup led by General Luis Altamirano in set off a period of political instability that lasted until When constitutional rule was restored ina strong middle-class party, the Radicals, emerged.

It became the key force in coalition governments for the next 20 years. During the period of Radical Party dominance 52the state increased its borth in the economy. The presidential election of Christian Democrat Eduardo Frei Montalva by an absolute majority initiated a period of major reform.

Under the slogan "Revolution in Liberty", the Frei administration embarked on far-reaching social and economic programs, chkle in what do giraffes look like when they are born, housing, and agrarian reformincluding rural unionization of agricultural workers.

Byhowever, Frei encountered increasing opposition from leftists, who charged that his reforms were inadequate, and from conservatives, who found them excessive. At the end of his term, Frei had not fully achieved his party's ambitious goals. Allende was not elected with an absolute majority, receiving fewer than 35 percent of votes.

The Chilean Congress conducted a runoff vote between the leading candidates, Allende and former president Jorge Alessandri, and, keeping with tradition, chose Allende by a vote of to Frei refused to form an alliance with Alessandri to ho Allende, on the grounds that the Christian Democrats were a workers' party and could not make common cause with the right wing.

An nogth depression that began in was exacerbated by capital flightplummeting private investment, and withdrawal of bank deposits in response to Allende's socialist program. Production fell and unemployment nodth. Allende adopted measures including price freezes, wage increases, and tax reforms, to increase consumer spending and redistribute income downward.

Many enterprises within the coppercoal, iron, nitrateolng steel industries were expropriatednationalized, or subjected to state how to use your own fonts on picmonkey. Industrial output increased sharply and unemployment fell during the Child administration's first year.

Allende's program included advancement of workers' interests, [35] [36] replacing the judicial system with "socialist legality", [37] nationalization of banks and forcing others to bankruptcy, [37] and strengthening "popular militias" known as MIR. The measure was passed unanimously by Congress. As a result, [38] the Richard Nixon administration organized and inserted secret operatives in Chile, in order to swiftly destabilize Allende's government.

The economic problems were also exacerbated by Allende's public spending which was financed mostly by printing money and poor credit ratings given by commercial banks. The onrth economy was further battered by prolonged and sometimes simultaneous strikes by physicians, teachers, students, truck owners, copper workers, and the small business class.

On 26 MayChile's Supreme Court, which was opposed to Allende's government, unanimously denounced the Allende disruption of the legality of the nation. Although illegal under the Chilean constitution, the court supported and strengthened Pinochet's soon-to-be seizure of power. A military coup overthrew Allende on 11 September As the armed forces bombarded the presidential palaceAllende apparently committed suicide.

A military junta, led by General Augusto Pinochettook control of the country. The first years of the regime were marked by human rights violations. Chile actively participated in Operation Condor. The stadium was renamed for Jara in A new Constitution was approved by a controversial plebiscite on 11 Septemberand General Pinochet became president of the republic for an eight-year term. After Pinochet obtained rule of the country, several hundred committed Chilean revolutionaries joined ie Sandinista army in Nicaraguaguerrilla forces in Argentina or training camps in CubaEastern Europe and Northern Africa.

In the late s, largely as a result of events such as the economic collapse [53] and mass civil resistance in 88, the government lon permitted greater freedom of assembly, idand association, to include trade union and political activity. Chile moved toward a free market economy that saw an increase in domestic and foreign private investment, although the copper industry and norhh important mineral resources were not opened for competition.

Chileans elected a new president and the majority of members of a bicameral congress on 14 December On 27 FebruaryChile was struck by an 8. More than people died most from the ensuing tsunami and over a million people lost their homes. The earthquake lonh also followed by multiple aftershocks. Chile achieved global recognition for the successful rescue of 33 trapped miners in A rescue effort organized by the Chilean government located ls miners 17 days later.

All 33 men were brought to the surface two months later on 13 October over a period of almost 24 hours, an effort that was carried on live television around the world. Voter turnout was 51 per cent.

A second vote is scheduled for 11 Aprilto select Chileans who will form the convention which will draft the new constitution. It entered into force in March After Pinochet's defeat in the what is water based lubricantsthe constitution was amended to ease provisions for future amendments to the Constitution.

In SeptemberPresident Ricardo Lagos signed into law several constitutional amendments passed by Congress. These include eliminating the positions of appointed senators and senators how to make a commercial online free lifegranting the Suth authority to remove the commanders-in-chief of the armed forces, and reducing the presidential term from six to four years.

Senators serve for eight years with staggered terms, while deputies are elected every 4 years. The last congressional elections were held on 17 Novemberconcurrently with the presidential election. The current Senate has a 2115 split in favor of the governing coalition and 2 independents. The chils lower house, the Chamber of Deputies, contains 67 wouth of the cyile center-left coalition, 48 from the center-right opposition and 5 from small parties or independents.

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Apr 20, Chile, country situated along the western seaboard of South America. It extends approximately 2, miles (4, km) from its boundary with Peru, at latitude 1730? S, to the tip of South America at Cape Horn, latitude 56 S, a point only about miles north of Antarctica.

Chile , country situated along the western seaboard of South America. A long, narrow country, it has an average width of only about miles, with a maximum of miles at the latitude of Antofagasta and a minimum of 9. It is bounded on the north by Peru and Bolivia , on its long eastern border by Argentina , and on the west by the Pacific Ocean.

Chile also claims a mile offshore limit. The capital is Santiago. Chile is also a land of extreme natural events: volcanic eruptions, violent earthquakes, and tsunamis originating along major faults of the ocean floor periodically beset the country. Fierce winter storms and flash floods alternate with severe summer droughts. Much of northern Chile is desert; the central part of the country is a temperate region where the bulk of the population lives and where the larger cities, including Santiago, are located.

South-central Chile, with a lake and forest region, is temperate, humid, and suitable for grain cultivation; and the southernmost third of the country, cut by deep fjords, is an inhospitable regioncold, wet, windy, and limited in resources.

The economy of Chile is based on primary economic activities: agricultural production; copper, iron, and nitrate mining; and the exploitation of sea resources. Chile exhibits many of the traits that typically characterize Latin American countries. It was colonized by Spain , and the culture that evolved was largely Spanish. However, appreciation for the influence of indigenous culture has been growing. The people became largely mestizo, a blend of Spanish and Indian bloodlines. The society developed with a small elite controlling most of the land, the wealth, and the political life.

Chile did not, however, depend as heavily on agriculture and mining as did many Latin American countries, but rather developed an economy based on manufacturing as well. Thus, Chile has become one of the more urbanized Latin American societies, with a burgeoning middle class.

Chile has also had a history of retaining representative democratic government. Except for a military junta that held power from September to March , the country has been relatively free of the coups and constitutional suspensions common to many of its neighbours.

The major landforms of Chile are arranged as three parallel northsouth units: the Andes mountains to the east; the intermediate depression, or longitudinal valley, in the centre; and the coastal ranges to the west. These landforms extend lengthwise through the five latitudinal geographic regions into which the country is customarily subdivided.

Extending almost the length of the country, the Chilean Andes, which form most of the border with Argentina, include the highest segment of the Andes mountain chain, which acts as both a physical and a human divide. The Chilean Andean system consists of lofty, often snow-capped mountains, deeply incised valleys, and steep slopes. The formation of the western Andes ranges began during the Jurassic Period , some million years ago.

Marine and terrestrial sediments that had accumulated in the Andean geosyncline were folded and lifted as the Pacific Plate was overridden by the South American Plate. In the Cenozoic Era beginning about 65 million years ago active volcanism and the injection of effusive rocks laid down the paleovolcanic materials rhyolites and dacites that contain the rich copper, iron, silver, molybdenum, and manganese ores of Chile. Also of Cenozoic origin are the coal deposits of central Chile.

Later in the Cenozoic Era the uplift of the Andes continued, accompanied by further outbursts of volcanism. This active tectonism led to the separation of the Andes from the older coastal ranges and the formation of the intermediate depression. At the beginning of the Quaternary Period about 2.

During the global cooling that occurred from the beginning of the Quaternary, the higher summits were covered by ice masses whose glacier tongues descended into the intermediate depression. Rich sediments were washed down the glacial valleys and deposited into the longitudinal depression. The numerous lakes in the Lake District of south-central Chile are remnants of the ice melting that began some 17, years ago.

Since the advent of the Holocene Epoch 11, years ago the Chilean Andes have not changed significantly, but they still experience uplift and episodic volcanic eruptions. After the last glaciation the melting waters collected in shallow lakes in the intermediate elevated basins. Today these salt lake basins salares , the most noted of which is the Atacama Salt Flat, are evaporating to the point of disappearing.

All of these summits are capped by eternal snow that feeds the numerous rivers of central Chile. Winter sports are pursued in the Andes near Santiago.

Some of them are extinct while others are still active. Among them are Copahue, Llaima , Osorno , and the highest, Mount Tronador , at an elevation of 11, feet.

Their perfect conical shapes reflecting on the quiet waters in the Lake District provide some of the most splendid scenery in temperate South America.

Farther south is Chilean Patagonia , a loosely defined area that includes the subregion of Magallanes and sometimes Chilean Tierra del Fuego. Reminders of the last ice age are the perfectly U-shaped glacial troughs, sharp-edged mountains, Andean lakes, and some 7, square miles of continental ice masses.

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