How many customers does constant contact have

how many customers does constant contact have

Constant Contact Review - The Heart of Small Business?

Constant Contact ended with , customers according to the following link: views. 8 rows Jun 01, With more than , customers, Constant Contact is one of the largest email marketing 93%(15).

Read a full expert review of Constant Contactand see ratings from real users on Twitter. Find out if Constant Contact is the right email marketing tool for your business. Disclosure: Your support helps keep the site running! We earn a referral fee for some of the services we recommend on this page. Learn more.

With more thancustomers, Constant Contact is one of the largest email marketing software providers in the world. Constant Contact goes beyond simple email marketing to include surveys, deals, social media, and event marketing tools.

If you run a business, you need a solid email marketing software provider that gives you room to grow. Pricing starts from For our expert Constant Contact review by a real user, keep reading. Try Constant Contact. Get started now. Constant Contact was founded by Randy Parker in It offers all the basic tools for creating and managing successful email marketing campaignswith lots of extras.

Constant Contact is arguably the most versatile email marketing platform around. Some platforms focus exclusively on the basics, and that works well. But with Constant Contact, you can:. Gathering emails is the first step in starting your email marketing activity. Constant Contact helps you manage your contacts list efficiently, even if your contacts are on a different email marketing system right now. You can import contacts from a text file or spreadsheet, or bring them indirectly from an email provider like Gmail or Microsoft Outlook.

Constant Contact also allows you to transfer contacts from online customer management services such as QuickBooks, ACT! Despite being extremely comprehensive, this is a quick and easy process.

As you open your account, you can get your contacts set up, and rapidly move on to the next steps. You can enter contacts how to clean the computer screenwhich is a longer process, but equally effective. New Constant Contact customers have various resources at their disposal to make it easier to get started with the platform.

All users are provided with a simple user guide, live webinars, product tutorials, and archives. They all include instructions, tips, and short-cuts that help you to quickly get up to speed with the pros.

Constant Contact provides customers with more than hundred templates for various types of messages. On its site, they are divided into categories, so you can quickly locate a template for the type of newsletter you want to build.

Examples include welcome emails, informational messages, holiday greetings, and general business promotion templates. If you prefer to build your own templates from scratchConstant Contact provides a very easy-to-use template editor that you can use for complete customization. You can also assign tags to contacts. For example, you can tag contacts that have been signed up to your list the longest, and then send those contacts special coupons.

Additionally, you might get stuck without help on a weekend. Constant Contact offers arguably the most comprehensive reporting tools that an email marketing system could offer. Their reports have real-time analytics. You can even tell what kind of device your email is opened on. In addition to the usual reports offered by most email marketing services number of emails sent, opened, forwarded, bounced, etc. Tracked metrics clearly illustrate the number of likes, tweets, shares, views, and more than your emails receive.

Reports also include the number of click-throughs and complaints that your messages have generated on social media. You can create invites using pre-made templatesand build a branding theme for your event. The materials that What resources does sudan have Contact providers work for many themes, from educational and charity events to auctions and sports competitions.

Constant Contact stands out from the other email marketing service providers. With an accessible price tag and good supportConstant Contact a great choice for businesses of all sizes. Each section can be read by itself, so feel free to skip ahead to the sections you care about the most.

While there are a bunch of features that are only in the Plus planthe only one that is truly relevant for most businesses is the email automation feature. In Constant Contact, email automation simply allows you to create autoresponders. So if you want to be what oils are used in catholic baptism to send emails when a subscriber is added to a specific list, you need the Plus plan. Not all businesses need this feature.

Some are content to send emails manually every time. Being able to bring in an email list from multiple sources is usually a priority for small businesses. If you use the Getting Started tool when you sign up, it will only let you type in or copy and paste your contacts. Once you have at least one list, click the yellow Add Contacts button :. The most common option that I look for is Upload From File.

The tool scans the first row for headings like Email, Email Address, or Name. Constant Contact interprets them really well. I tried out a few different formats for fun, and it identified the different field names correctly every time.

Constant Contact does not require contacts to opt-in again. This is a huge pain, and it can result in a loss of subscribers. From this point, you just need to select the email lists that you already created, and the contacts will be added to them. When you click the big Create buttonyou get a list of the options your account has access to:. The rest of the options are for creating pages like donation pages or content like coupons to embed in your emails. The first screen is a list of well over email templates that you can use, and most of them look pretty good.

You can include:. You can click on any element and resize it, edit text, or move things around. Drag-and-drop editors are often clunky and frustrating to use. One of the biggest pros about this process is that you can preview what the email looks like on desktop or mobile. The reporting on Constant Contact is simple yet easy to use. It captures the most important data that most people need:. It also has a few unique reports, like click tracking heat maps, that show you which email links your subscribers click the most:.

However, it leaves some significant limitations for advanced use. These are features that allow you to really optimize the effectiveness of your email marketing. The more common route is to create forms in Constant Contact itself and embed them on how do i get mineral rights to my land site by copying and pasting the code. While there are limitations when it comes to automated segmentation, you can still segment your list manually using tags.

Tags allow you how to insert shopping cart in website categorize contacts, so you can target specific tags when you send emails. However, good support is there if you need it. The phone number is always on the screen in the top menu, and there is a live chat as well, although the icon is hidden in the help section. The basic plan includes marketing automation so you can line up a set of emails when a customer takes an action, for instance, a welcome email.

There are some downsides to using Mailchimp, though. Unlike Constant Contact, Mailchimp does not offer award-winning live support. They also count unsubscribers as contacts, which can inflate the cost of their service. Salesforce is another well-known company also offering marketing automation, along with a suite of other cloud-based business services including customer relationship management systems.

Its basic plan comes with email templates, but only the mid-range and higher-tier plans have email marketing and marketing automation. Also, you should keep in mind that while Salesforce does offer marketing automation, Constant Contact is the only marketing automation platform that uses artificial intelligence to predict exactly what your customers are looking for.

In summary, Constant Contact is great for businesses who want a simple, intuitive email marketing tool that just works.

Constant Contact offers two types of plans; Email and Email Plus. Their Email Plus plan includes surveys, registration forms, coupons and more. For more information and latest and most up to date prices visit the Constant Contact website.

ConstantContact Jesse is the best! I greatly appreciate his help today! EmailMarketing lifecoach womenentrepreneurs. We are so happy with the ConstantContact partner program. Their resources have how to make a graffiti r brought us our first sale!

Thanks to echaillo ConstantContact eventprofs. That's a wrap, folks! Loved answering your ConstantContact questions this week! Have a great weekend! ConstantContact thanks for the tweet! I am in Australia.

Constant Contact Summary

26 rows Oct 30, Constant Contact have been in the email marketing game since /5. Jan 25, How Many Customers Does Constant Contact Have? To date, the corporation has worked with over 5 million customers. Granted, they have been around for over 20 years. When they were acquired by Endurance International a few years ago, they undoubtedly saw an /5(1).

This online marketing company specializes in custom email processes. With templates and schedules, they help businesses get in touch with anyone who crosses their path, leading to more sales and greater outreach. The brand uses integrations, automation, analytics, and more to keep teams responsive and reliable. This review outlines their best features as well as some available alternatives.

A suite of capabilities helps companies get a better handle on Internet communication and outreach. Things like email templates and reviews, as well as domain creation, make it simple to drive sales and find new clients. The private corporation was founded in under the name Roving Software. It took its current name in and now has over 1, employees.

In , the company launched a multi-channel toolkit to help with website contact as well as social media communication. This was the same year that they introduced the Small Business Innovation Program, which takes place in their headquarters of Waltham, Massachusetts. Besides working out of the Boston area, the brand has offices in Colorado and New York. They also boast over 5 million customers, including small businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups.

The brand is a leader in the technology software space. Some of their most successful endeavors include. The tools and options are tailored to small business needs, and customers include start-ups, non-profits, and entrepreneurs. The suite of applications allows for logo and domain creation, e-commerce management, and organized contact lists. Below is a review of more technical details about the corporation, such as pricing and type of payment.

Simple drag-and-drop commands allow users to draft professional emails that work on Web and mobile browsers. They can even create messages that go out after a specific event or at predetermined times. Automated prompts can effortlessly welcome visitors to the site and invite them to subscribe. This software conveniently reviews reports in real-time so businesses can know how successful their email campaigns are.

Teams can compare analytics for engagement, clicks, mobile usage, and more. A result of this is an improved approach to customer outreach and more positive correspondence between a company and its clients. Also, segmented lists keep everything organized and easy to see.

There are plenty of automated tools to keep business moving and more buyers coming in. Follow-ups and special shout-outs for birthdays and anniversaries are stand-out features that will impress consumers. The mailing list is crucial to reaching more people and educating the masses about sales, products, and services.

A suite of instruments allows users to segment their audience into key categories, such as prospects, customers, and VIP clients. Also, clients can choose specific time frames to gauge how quickly people are responding to email campaigns.

To help not-for-profit organizations see more success, there is a suite of donation tools to maximize fundraising. Clients can see up buttons and pop-up forms and prompts for one-time and recurring donations.

Real-time engagement reports let customers know how their campaigns are working out and where they can improve or increase their efforts. List-building tools allow for easier sign-up processes and more registered clients.

Every Constant Contact plan includes email campaign assistance to increase subscriber count and get more people interested in a company service or event. Plus, integrations make it simple to reach people on a Web browser, smartphone, tablet, or via a welcome email or text message. This is one of the major features of the company and helps to bring more power and autonomy to business clients. There is even a Quickstarter program to acclimate start-ups and non-profits to the world of Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

As all successful enterprises know, there is a larger audience waiting on the many social networks out there. These tools are built for instant feedback and reviews on how businesses can improve.

Teams can personalize forms to ask specific questions, get comparison data, and conduct polls. Pre-written prompts are available, too, and range from open-ended questions to multiple-choice to sliding scales. Best of all, companies can add their brand logos to the questionnaires so that they look natural and not like canned, one-size-fits-all products.

Better e-commerce management makes for more positive customer feedback and higher sales. Brands can boost their transactional correspondence with marketing automation, syncing tools, and integration with Facebook Lead Ads.

Connect automatically and control when and where the audience sees specific products or services. This can help to maximize sales and generate more interest while shoppers are on the site. Below are the primary instruments and capabilities that make Constant Contact a competitor in the email marketing and automation space while they cater to small businesses and individual clients, their suite of options worth checking out. Customers can seamlessly upload content from the software to the cloud, and the process is pretty straightforward.

There are dozens of applications and implementations that users can combine with this cloud-based solution. Some are free to integrate, and others cost a small fee. To keep all clients safe, the software requires verification before a customer is fully registered into the program. This is important because, without a verified account, some features may lack functionality. Upon signing up, the software runs a risk diagnostics test to make sure that the account is really who they say they are.

Fortunately, all kinds of industries and services are permitted to have profiles on this platform, so there are high chances of getting approved. Contacts, or subscribers, have their very own tab in the user dashboard. This menu is where clients can add, delete, or find different segments of their audience.

There is also the possibility to import a list from apps like Gmail or Outlook. Depending on how much information a team has about a contact, they can add the name, job title, place of work, email address, phone number, and more. The system also allows disposable addresses that can be used for a short time, much like Mailinator. For better organization, the dashboard allows users to tag different list members and categorize them in a way that makes sense for the team.

For instance, they can automate individual emails to go out at predetermined times. This can increase the chances of target audiences seeing the mail first thing in the morning. Another example is if there is a special event or launch that businesses want their subscribers to know about.

Again, the dashboard will have a tab just for campaigns, and this is where customers can see all of their templates and more. Every single piece of online correspondence ends up there. If a team member runs out of ideas, they can always use one of the templates provided by the software.

There are hundreds to choose from, so teams can continuously try new things. Whether they go with a model or not, the next step is to work in the editor, which looks like a standard page builder. That similar drag-and-drop function will allow users to make the necessary changes and add all kinds of elements such as:.

Many brand websites use pop-up forms to encourage site visitors to register for updates, notifications, coupons, and more. Building these forms on the platform is quite simple. Interestingly, this tool does not have templates to choose from, but clients can use the editor to create the form just how they want it. There are various categories of content that they can alter, including:. One unique feature is the timer, which lets users select when the pop-up appears for the visitor.

For example, it could be five seconds after they enter the website. There is also the option to adjust the frequency, such as one registration form per customer per day.

These types of registration forms can also apply to surveys, feedback, and payment. For example, if a person decides to sign up for email updates, then an auto-response can go straight to their inbox.

Here, a client can set up a sequence of messages that will go out to subscribers or customers at pre-set times. After clicking the tab, members can select a template, edit it to their liking, and apply it to the series of emails. With this tool, start-ups, non-profits, and other clients can let their followers know about upcoming events, discount codes, feedback surveys, new blog posts, and much more.

This cool function allows users to create two distinct subject lines for a pair of emails. They choose when to send them out, and then they can get detailed reports about how well each of them performed with the target audience. This tool is all about getting the timing, recipient, and subject matter just right.

With automatic responses, members can set up customized messages for specific customer demographics, then decide when it should go out, and put it on a timer to send itself. This is crucial because the right content needs to go to the correct recipient, and it needs to get there on time. There are several options when it comes to crafting lists of contacts.

Secondly, it can be done via Facebook or an integrated app like Salesforce or WordPress. Other choices include texting from a smartphone or tablet. Categorization is great for dividing customers into groups based on their click-through and open rates, general interest, and area of work.

This is one of the primary areas of focus for the software. Members can manually disable the tracking feature if they want by right-clicking each link. By tracking these, teams can get some great insight into things like open rates and engagement. Plus, every email campaign can receive a report simply by enabling this feature.

Within 48 hours of sending out a message, a report will come to the dashboard and detail things like open rates, clicks, and an updated subscriber count. The reporting menu can also bring up a trend overview for an even closer look at the numbers. This will show analytics for specific dates and special email campaigns that went out. Members can see how many were sent, how many bounced, and more.

Oddly enough, to see reports for automatic responses, clients need to go to the campaigns tab rather than the reporting one.

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