How to do american flag nails

how to do american flag nails

30+ American Flag Inspired Stripes and Stars Nail Ideas & Tutorials

This is where a steady hand comes into play. If youТre a wizard with a striper, props to you and take it away, but for the rest of us, a toothpick dipped in polish should do the trick. Beginning at the intersection of your red and blue polishes, draw a light amount of white or silver polish toward the tip of your nail in a thin, horizontal likedatingus.comted Reading Time: 5 mins. American Flag Nail Art For Your Fourth Of July Celebration. By So it's no surprise that people are getting creative and donning manicures in the form of red, white and blue nail art. Good news if you're a little skittish: anyone on any skill level can get their nails .

Your nail art mission, should you choose to accept it, is outlined below:. Prep your nails! Bufffilemoisturizeetc. You know why. Base coat! This step is an important measure for protecting your nails from the polish and maintaining your manicure. Polish 1: blue! Polish 2: red! Dry, part two! Let your nails dry again before removing the tape and adding the white.

Polish 3: white OR silver! This is where a steady hand comes into play. Beginning at the intersection of your red and blue polishes, draw a ro amount of white or silver polish toward the tip of your nail in a thin, horizontal line.

With the same toothpick and polish, add a bunch of white or silver dots on the base of your nails, to act as stars. If you can draw a tiny little five-pointed star, good on you, but spots work just as well and are much easier to accomplish.

Tip: the metallic polish can be used in place of, or in concert with, the white polish. I used silver on just one fingerЧmy left ring. Top coat! After a minute of drying, seal the deal on your patriotic nails with a top coat, like Deborah Lippmann's On A Clear Day.

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Jun 28, †Ј 2. Create stripes using Young Nails Mission Control gel paint in Power Up and Fizz. Use a mostly dry ombre brush and start feathering the paints diagonally out from the corner of the nail. Cure. Do not wipe. If your gel paints donТt have a tacky layer, apply a thin coat of top coat that does, then cure and do not wipe. 3. TodayТs post is dedicated to those American born who want to show their patriotism on AmericaТs Independence Day. It is all about 15 easy & cool Fourth of July American flag nail art designs. Now decor your hands with your own countryТs inspiring flag. . May 28, †Ј American Flag Nails. I've seen a lot of great Memorial Day manicures, but I decided to keep things simple and classic for my design. Maybe I will do something crazier for the 4th of July. I created stripes on my pointer and ring fingernails using striping tape, and stars on my middle and pinky fingernails. For the stars I used the BM plate.

She no longer blogs for Swatch And Learn. However, Mary still continues to blog and will be happy to reply to your comment. Happy 4th of July to all our friends on the south side of the border! Anyway, I want to celebrate this special day with my very first real nail-art attempt. Have the design of where you want the white and blue in your head before you paint.

This will help prevent smudge lines which I got. In this picture, I had removed the tape to show the design better, but you can keep it on for the next step. I think three stripes of white and three of red look good on my nails. But this depends on how much space you have. Make sure the tape is completely down.

Before you apply, make sure the stripes are the desired width. Make sure everything is dried though. I made another mistake of applying the top coat too soon Ч it smudged out my red, as you can see in my index and baby fingers.

I hope you had fun with this patriotic nail design! Next national flag nail design: the Canadian flagЕ but only after I get real white polish! What do you think of this patriotic nail art? Would you change anything about it? What national flag would you like to see me attempt next? You are already so much more patient than I could be! If it were me, I would do a super-simple flag, like France or Japan, because I am both lazy and impatient. Oh, this is SO cute! I dunno if I have that kind of patience, but I love the look of this!

Nicole recently posted: Fourth of July! Love it! Happy 4th! But I would estimate 40 minutes per hand. Most of it is really just waiting for everything to dry. I also was already wearing the blue as a separate manicure, so that saved me some time during the actual nail-art night. This is SO cute Fiona!! That is so cute! I will try it for Labor Day. You make it seam simple, though I doubt it actually is. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Wait for it to dry completely before moving on. Step 3: Section your nails diagonally with Scotch tape. Step 4: Apply the white. Step 5: Cut, then horizontally apply strips of tape using tweezers. Step 6: Apply your red. Boo at the red leaking. You can use a thin brush, dotting tool or toothpick for this.

I just randomly placed the stars. Wait until everything is dry before taping or applying a TC. Apply polish in the direction away from the tape.

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