How to keep your home smelling fresh with pets

how to keep your home smelling fresh with pets

21 Things That'll Keep Your House From Smelling Like Your Pet

1. Clean Your DogТs Bed Once a Week. The first tip is also the simplest Ц wash your dogТs bed at least once a week. The fabric retains odors, so your house will never smell fresh if you donТt wash it often. If your dog bed has a removable cover, machine-wash the cover and use a pet vacuum on the cushion. Mar 24, †Ј Pets can cause a smell in your home, but they are not the only that cause odors. I want to share 5 ways to keep your home smelling fresh {even with pets} so that you can look for things that may b causing odors and eliminate them with NEW Fresh StepЃ with the Power of FebrezeЩ and other FebrezeЩ likedatingus.comted Reading Time: 3 mins.

Does your house smell like dog? If you walked into my home right now, you may wonder who I am to talk about dog smell in a home. I will be the first to admit, since moving into our new country home last June I have been slacking in the cleaning department.

At times, our house smells worse than a wet dog. The house itself is less than perfect, but the land, wellЕ it was our dream come true. We are working on remodeling and adding an addition this summer to make the house more habitable. But in the meantime, I have not been motivated to keep the house clean.

Click here to read my full disclosure policy. We were told there were hardwood oak flooring under the carpet, so we were eager to see beautiful wood under the ugly red carpetЕ but much to our dismay the solid oak floor was never finishedЕ except with dog pee!

Not only did we have to tear up all the carpet, but the oak wood too. It was a sad day, but the wood was damaged beyond repair. But a how to keep your home smelling fresh with pets list of little things I do to keep the dog smell at bay. Saturday morning is my big cleaning day, but you will notice all of the suggestions below can be daily, weekly, monthly and yearly cleaning activities.

Make sure your dog is healthy and does not have a medical reason for smelling bad. I cover health and grooming below, so make sure to keep reading. Your dog spends most of his time on your floor. Dog smell in the carpet can be hard to get rid of over time. So here are what is the drinking age in paris france ways to keep your carpet smelling clean and not like a dog:. Dog hair is a fact how to keep your home smelling fresh with pets life when you own dogs.

We swear by our Dyson Animal vacuum. We had our original one for over 20 years before replacing it last year. Here are just a few natural remedy ideas you'll find inside:. I vacuum weekly, but honestly, if I had time, could do it every day and pick up lots of dog hair! Skip the toxic carpet deodorizers, simply sprinkle baking soda on your carpet before vacuuming.

Baking soda will soak up any odors lingering in the carpet fibers. Many of the commercial deodorizers contain harsh chemicals that may harm your dog. Think about it, your dog is walking on your carpets barefoot all day long.

And when he licks his paws, he is ingesting whatever is on your floor. Follow up with a mop and appropriate cleaner. We have part of our new bamboo wood floors and I love them. I cannot recommend bamboo more. It is the first wood flooring that the dogs have not been able to scratch up! If you have a puppy or rescue dog, you most likely experienced a potty accident at least once. Wipe up potty accidents immediately with an enzymatic cleaner such as Natures Miracle.

We could not have survived fostering two puppies at the same time, without our Little Green Machine. We used it several times a day! Professional clean carpet yearly or steam clean yourself. If you keep your dogs clean see grooming belowyou may not need to clean the carpets yearly, but watch for signs your carpet is looking dingy. But all my other houses did have at least some carpet.

We had a Bissell carpet cleaner that I used on the occasions that the carpet what events led to the fall of the soviet union looking dirty.

Avoid potty accidents by using DoggieLawn. Hydroponically grown grass designed to work perfectly as an indoor puppy potty, a porch potty for your dog, or outside on your balcony as a fresh potty patch. Before you reach for that can of air freshener spray, plug-in or scented candle, make sure to watch this video by Healthy Pets. Open the windows any time it is feasible. There is nothing like God-given natural fresh air to get rid of the dog smell.

Living in Wisconsin means long winters and short summers, but even in winter, I will open the windows at least once. Changing the filters in your furnace is important to keep the air in your house clean. The right filter will help with the pet dander and allergens.

This is the filter we use. Do your research on which essential oils are safe to use with dogs. I do use an Essential Oil Diffuser in our home.

Charcoal bags are something new to me and very interesting as they are supposed to help with the dog smell and other household odors. I am ordering these today and will report back after I have a chance to review. Many people with allergies and other breathing problems use an air purifier to help them breathe.

But an air purifier will also help rid your home of pet dander and other smells. If you have a green thumb, then adding plants to your home is a great option for keeping the air in your home fresh and healthy. VOCs include substances like formaldehyde present in rugs, vinyl, cigarette smoke and grocery bagsbenzene and trichloroethylene both found in man-made fibers, inks, solvents and paint.

Just remember to keep your what is the current temperature in phoenix arizona away from the plants, as many can be poisonous.

If you allow your dog on your furniture, then you need to consider keeping those areas clean too. But our couch definitely suffers from it. We use throw blankets on our couch for the dogs to lay on. This allows me to pick them up and wash them each week. We are planning on buying new furniture later this year so I want to get these furniture covers for the dogs.

So vacuuming the furniture has to be part of my weekly routine. Even with the blankets, hair creeps in spots unimaginable. This one may be a little controversial with those of you that are all-natural warriors. But I love my OdoBan. I found it when we moved into our last house.

The previous owner smoked, and I was searching for something to get rid of the smell. OdoBan is a miracle at removing odors and disinfecting. I spray our furniture, area rugs, beds, and use OdoBan in our laundry. It works and works really well. I use to buy it by the gallon at Sams Club until our local club closed a couple years ago. I can now find it in some Walmart stores, but was surprised to see that Chewy sells OdoBan!

Or if you prefer, Amazon also carries OdoBan. If someone tells me it is toxic for our dogs, I will probably stop using itЕ so I welcome any scientific research on their ingredient list.

If your dog has a dog bed or mat, make sure to wash it too. I recommend washing it when you give your dog a bath. Most dog collars can be thrown into the washing machine too, add it with some towels or their bedding. Rinse them well and return them to your doggy toy box. A dog with allergiesear infection or other skin problems can give off a foul odor. Take your dog to the vet if you suspect he has a health issue that is causing him to smell bad.

Brushing your dog will help keep his coat clean how to become a playback singer healthy. Even if your dog has short hair, he can benefit from an occasional grooming session.

I recently ordered these grooming gloves and absolutely love themЕ so does our dog Bear! When the weather is nice, I will how to manufacture tissue paper the dogs outside which helps keep the dog hair outside and not inside.

In the winter months, I will brush them right before I clean the house, that way I am sure to get all the dog hair up right away. The head-turning bad breath of a dog panting in your face. Bad breath can be a sign of many health issues, so if you are concerned, definitely see your vet. But if you think about it, your dogs have just walked through the grass, mud, dog poop, and who knows what else.

Then they walk right into your house and track it everywhere. I did buy these paw wipes and I do use them occasionally. They are strong enough to hold up wiping all four paws, but if they are too muddy, then I go for a bucket of water. If you can give your dog a bath outside, it will help keep the wet dog smell outside and not inside your house.

Using a Microfiber towel will help dry your dog off quicker and more efficiently. I am always looking for new and easy ideas to keep our house and dogs smelling fresh, please leave a comment below with your number one tip. It could help others in our community struggling with a house that smells like a wet dog too! Debi McKee is a mom of three kids, three dogs and the creator of Rescue Dogs She also volunteers for a local dog rescue and Humane Society.

Carpet is NOT a Dog MomТs Best Friend

Having pets at home offers so many benefits. It helps reduce stress, minimizes feelings of loneliness, and encourages you to be more physically active. It also gives you more opportunities to socialize with others. Owning pets, however, comes with its own set of challenges and it includes keeping your home smelling fresh and clean. If you want a clean home, you should consider dusting, vacuuming, and mopping on a regular basis.

Just like you, your pet also needs good grooming. Bathing, tooth brushing, nail clipping, and brushing can have a huge impact on how your pet smells. If you have a problem doing all of those things regularly, then consider a grooming service. Instead of using toxic carpet deodorizers, you can use something safer and cheaper. Sprinkling some baking soda before vacuuming your carpet can help remove any lingering odors. If possible, leave your windows open.

Natural fresh air can help get rid of any unwanted smell from your pets. Of course, always consider safety before leaving your windows open. Get rid of bacteria in your home by cleaning countertops, tables, and other surfaces with disinfectant wipes. If your dog smells bad despite taking a bath regularly, you may want to consider taking him to a doggie dentist. Because your dog is wearing his collar 24 hours a day, expect it to stink eventually. The last thing you want to happen is for your dog to get sick from playing with extremely dirty toys.

Not all litter brands work the same way in putting unwanted smell under control. This is one good reason to try out a few brands to see what will work best for you, your home, and your pet.

If possible, try to do this multiple times a day to prevent odor buildup. If you can commit to that, then consider investing in a litter box that automatically does the job for you. Scented candles, dryer sheets, and plug-in air fresheners can mask unwanted odors at home.

You can use them as a quick fix during unexpected situations. Your pet releases dander that can circulate inside your house and attach to any surface it comes in contact with. To remove the odor or cover the scent, you may need to give your walls a fresh coat of paint. Some pets shed a lot. Their hair can get on everything they come in contact with. So, before leaving your home, make it a habit to use lint rollers. If you have pets, you should expect accidents to happen.

This includes spilled water and dropped wet food. So, instead of constantly cleaning your carpet, choose to go carpet-free.

It makes cleaning up a lot faster. Some materials are more likely to pick up scent than others and those are what you need to avoid when buying a new bed for your pet. You should also skip beds that are likely to pick up hair. In case one happens at home, be sure to clean it up right away. Baking soda can neutralize bad odors. With that in mind, always remember to put the lids on any leftover pet food. You can use plastic lids before storing it inside your refrigerator.

Get a microfiber towel and thoroughly dry him up before you let him loose. If your cat likes drinking out from the toilet bowl, you might find yourself dealing with muddy footprints often. You can get a water fountain to discourage your cat from ever drinking dirty water again.

You can put him in a leak-proof crane that has enough space to let her lie down and stretch comfortably. An essential oil diffuser can let you enjoy a nice smelling home even if you live with a dozen pets. Before you buy one, however, consider asking the vet first. This is because some essential oils are bad for pets. Try to give your dog a dental treat once a day. This is to help maintain clean teeth between brushing.

Skip leather and wood and go with metal and fabric because they are more durable and easier to maintain. Believe it or not, the kind of food your pet eats can affect the way he smells. Giving him low-quality dog food can cause belches, constipation, and bad breath. You should also be careful about giving him table scraps. Remember to clean the area regularly using a piece of cotton ball with a bit of hydrogen peroxide or water.

After finding the exact source of the odor, apply an enzyme cleaner. As much as possible, choose rugs that are low pile. Make sure that they are easy to clean or replace if needed. To clean it, remove any liners and blankets and wash them. Clean every inch of the carrier using an enzyme cleaner and rinse after. High-quality dog shampoos and conditioners tend to have a nicer smell than cheap ones. Maintain a clean home. Groom your pet. Deodorize the carpet. Open your windows.

Get an air purifier. Wipe surfaces with pet-safe disinfectant wipes. Take your pet to a doggie dentist. Wipe his paws at the door. Look for the right litter for your pet. Remember to scoop the litter box once a day at least. Make sure that your litter box is in the most contained spot in your home.

It could be the basement or your bathroom. Putting the litter box in a closet might work, too. Cover up the smell. Paint your walls. Look for crumbs. Remove hair on clothes with lint rollers. Go carpet-free. Pick the right bed for your pet. Clean up after your dog right away. Add baking soda in litter boxes. Cover leftover wet pet food. Dry your dog thoroughly after a bath. Get a water fountain for your pet. Choose a leak-proof crate.

Use an essential oil diffuser. Give some dental treats to your dog. Feed your pet a healthy diet. Look for old pet messes. Use an enzyme cleaner to remove lingering odors. Be smart with the rugs you choose.

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