How to make silk orchid arrangements

how to make silk orchid arrangements

Orchid Arrangements

May 04,  · These days, faux/silk florals have come a long way. Especially orchids and faux grasses. Orchids and grasses are everywhere these days and it seems like every decorator around has some sort of orchid arrangement as an accent in a room. I know most of these orchid arrangements simply cannot be real. Jan 21,  · Orchids are so elegant, especially when you can appreciate them all year long! You can do that with silk phalaenopsis orchids, artificial dendrobium orchids.

Do you love orchids? Are you tired of them dying after one week? If yes, fall for our artificial orchids that are inspired by nature and look incredibly lifelike. One of the most exotic, well-recognized flowers in the world is the orchid.

Known for its vivid colors and long stems, the orchid is a favorite among floral enthusiasts. Orchids can be pricey, but with artificial orchids, you can save time and money. You should buy artificial orchids for many different projects. While artificial blue orchids and artificial purple orchids bring makd splash arrangementx color to any space in need of some life. Artificial orchids in vase can blend well in modern, contemporary, or traditional interior decors.

Afterward secure mae to bamboo stakes using floral tape. House them in a planter of your house and add faux moss around the edges to make it look more realistic. You can use orchid stems to fo a silk orchid arrangement that satisfies your needs. Use artificial orchid stems for DIY wedding centerpieces and achieve a modern, timeless look.

Have ample space? Arrangemeents popular room that flourishes with flowers is the kitchen. Many interior decorators use large orchud in kitchen islands, nooks, or in the window box to bring some greenery and color to spaces. Have a cohesive design scheme by designing with orchids in multiples across your home. Use faux orchid arrangements during your next dinner party. The beauty of using silk orchids is that you can reuse and they never need any maintenance. You can even create a new artificial orchid arrangement every time you have company over and gift it to them as a friendly gesture, even if they have a brown thumb.

With Nearly Natural, you get high-quality flowers that are a step up from the traditional faux orchids found in what is the best flea medication for cats crafts stores.

Shopping Cart. X "Close Cart". Skip to content. Search for artificial plants, trees and flowers Search. Shop All. Shop All Artificial Plants. Outdoor Trees Outdoor Plants. Showcase the intricate design makf a delicate flower with the help of our silk orchid collection. Exquisitely crafted from the finest material to ensure a realistic interpretation, each of these fake orchids showcases timeless ofchid throughout their meticulously detailed petals and lifelike greenery.

The best part? These artificial orchid plants will never require any maintenance or upkeep, unlike their high-maintenance, real-like companions. Hide Filter. Shop by collection. Large Orchids Have ample space? Mini Orchids Use faux orchid arrangements during your next dinner party.

Faux Orchid Arrangements Use faux orchid arrangements during your next dinner party.

Why Should You Buy Artificial Orchids?

Apr 10,  · Who doesn’t love an orchid arrangement? I have recently found myself using orchids in my home more are simple yet stunningly elegant and they tend to last longer than freshly cut flowers. So naturally, when I began to design my Easter table, orchids came to mind. While I wanted to do something different than last year (see my Easter table here), I also wanted to have an. May 05,  · Cut smaller pieces to fill-in. You need to create a full layer to add the moss at the end. It doesn’t have to look pretty. Step 2. Place orchid leaves for spacing and think about the stems and bamboo at the same time. You will need to add 2 to 3 stem and stake combinations at the center of each leaf clump. May 21,  · Sep 23, - Explore Yvonne Oteiza's board "Silk Orchids", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about silk orchids, orchids, expensive flowers pins.

Nate talked about only sticking with natural elements in decorating and that faux arrangements and silks will never look natural… Yep, Nate was right as hard as it was to hear.

Especially orchids and faux grasses. Orchids and grasses are everywhere these days and it seems like every decorator around has some sort of orchid arrangement as an accent in a room. I know most of these orchid arrangements simply cannot be real.

Have you ever tried to keep an orchid alive or blooming for more than five minutes? Virtually impossible! There are some gorgeous silk orchid stems and grasses on the market right now and mixing them with real naturals like spanish and green moss and bamboo in elegant containers, really makes these arrangements look natural and fantastic.

Take a look at these beautiful silk orchids mixed with natural elements that I found online at Elegant Pots and Petals :. Making these arrangements yourself are very easy, not to mention very inexpensive for such a gorgeous look. Over the last year, I have made many of these arrangements for myself and friends and have a couple easy tricks that I wanted to share with you that really make these arrangements look natural and beautiful in any decor.

Here are some of the containers I have used recently:. Here are some close ups of what I mean:. My trick to a good orchid arrangement is that I mix in grasses to make it look more natural and have used both artificial or dried grasses.

I have found fabulous artificial grasses some have a dried real grass mix! For narrow opening containers, I use enough grass bunches and orchid s that I can tightly push down into the opening only about 4 inches into the narrow opening that will securely hold the arrangement. My trick is to put the orchid s or this case, my ginger in the middle of my three grass bunches like this:. And then I pull the sides of the grasses down around my container until I like the balance like this:.

For a little bit wider containers, I cut just enough floral foam block to go down the opening and stick my stems into the block before I slide it down into the container. In this next arrangement picture, I used one very thin bunch of a grass mix artificial and dried and one orchid.

I slid the stem of the orchid down the middle of the grass bunch. I then secured the arrangement by stuffing as much Spanish moss as I could in the opening that would also hold the arrangement tightly in place:. For larger more planter style containers, I fill the bottom of the container with floral foam bricks cut to be as snug as possible and depending on the the depth of the base in proportion to where I want my arrangement to begin, I may have to stack the floral bricks.

I always use additional cut up floral bricks to fully fill the whole inside of the container around the base of the stems to snuggly secure my arrangement. For these type of arrangements, I usually use two bunches of the larger artificial grasses:.

I then simply cut a small amount of grass blades from a larger artificial grass bunch cut the exact same hight of the orchid I cut and I place it in the container.

While I hold the small arrangement, I fill the small container with rocks like this:. Making these arrangements really is so easy and inexpensive. There are a lot of various options for containers and mixing the orchids with dried or artificial grasses really makes these arrangements look gorgeous and natural. I wonder if Nate would be open to this compromise of mixing silk and natural elements? I have several projects ready for posting, so check back soon! As always, thank you so much for your sweet comments, emails and notes!

I just love, love, love your feedback and thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts and creativity with me! Sharing Post with these fabulous blogs and linky parties. I saw that same episode of Oprah and I have been really gun shy about artificial plants ever since! I've had to resort to artificials the last couple of years because my cat eats everything!

I think Nate and Oprah would approve! Very informative! I learn a new thing every day. Hope for more. Will be coming for more Florist in Manhattan. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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