How to make things not awkward

how to make things not awkward

57 Tips To Not Be Socially Awkward (For Introverts)

Aug 09, 10 Ways To Be Less Awkward 1. Either dont initiate any hugs or handshakes, or initiate all of them. Part of being awkward is devastatingly bad 2. Always keep your phone on you. An awkward person with a cell phone in a social environment . My class is small so we will definitely see each other. I told them not to make things awkward, but Im not sure if they nor I can do that. Is there any way I can try and make things not so weird? 0 comments. share. save. hide. report. 99% Upvoted. Log in or sign up .

My goal is that by the end of this guide, you know exactly how to feel tihngs be less awkward. Use this checklist as a starting point. Do any of these sound like you? In other words, will my awkwardness make it harder for me to make friends? For example, awkwardness can be bad if it makes you so uncomfortable that you can make friends, or that you offend people.

However, doing an occasionally awkward thing can even make us how to delete last page in word document relatable. Awkward everyday mistakes happen to everyone. Studies makf that people who have social anxiety are unusually sensitive to any mistakes they make around other people.

Or, if they did, they almost certainly how to say very good it was just slightly funny and found you human and relatable as a result. Awkwardness can become a problem if you have thihgs hard time reading social cues.

That can make people feel uncomfortable. There are many ways to be awkward in a way that can make it harder to befriend people.

Here are some examples:. See our guide on how to improve your people skills. Social cues are all those subtle things people do that signal what they are thinking and awward. For example, if they are pointing their feet toward the door, they hhings want to get going. Sometimes, a person will say something that has an underlying meaning.

This is not an affiliate link. Read my review of the body language book here. You can also read more about how to improve your body language and appear more confident. If you want to improve your social skills, self-confidence, and ability to how to make things not awkward with someone, you can take our 1-minute quiz.

Look for subtle changes in body language, facial expression, tone of voice, or things they say that have underlying meanings. This will help you be better at reading social cues, which in turn will make you less awkward.

You can use online awwkard such as this one to learn more about facial expressions and how to read them. In tjings study, strangers were put in a group and told to mmake. Afterward, they watched a video recording of their interactions. They ot asked to indicate at which xwkward in the video they felt most awkward.

It turned out that the entire group askward less awkward when someone behaved positively toward someone else. You have to mean what you say. Probably because social awkwardness is a type of anxiety.

When we show sincere positivity, the situation feels less threatening. If you like something about someone, awward them know about it, but always be genuine. Do not give fake compliments. Take it easy with looks-based compliments, as they can feel too intimate. When we do things in order to be liked e. Ironically, these behaviors often appear needy and can make us less likable. Instead, make sure others feel comfortable being around you.

If you succeed, people will like you. For example, I how to write a lab procedure a classmate who blushed very easily. It was just the way he was. A few days ago, I met someone whose hands were shaking. The only time Maje assume that someone is nervous thnigs they shake, blush, or hpw is if their other behaviors suggest they are intimidated. For example, if they become timid, start smiling nervously, or look down at the tnings, I assume that they feel awkward.

Worrying about your looks can cause you to feel self-conscious and awkward in social situations. For most people, a mindset shift makes a big difference to how they feel about their looks. But if your body image is so poor that it gets in the way of your everyday life, see a therapist or doctor. You may have body dysmorphic disorder BDD. Mke the conversation becomes confusing and awkward, try listening carefully, then paraphrasing what you heard.

Doing this shows you have been listening to the other person. It also lets you double-check that you have aekward them. This is a good way to deal with awkwardness when you find someone else difficult to understand. If you have a friend you can trust, ask them whether you make people feel awkward. Tell tto you want an honest answer. If your friend agrees with your assessment, ask why they think people were uncomfortable. Etiquette might sound old-fashioned, but it can tihngs a powerful tool to help swkward feel less awkward: Etiquette is a set how to make things not awkward social rules that help you understand how to behave in various situations, including weddings, formal dinner parties, and funerals.

When you know what people expect you to do, you may feel less awkward. If a friend or colleague wants to introduce you to someone they already know, get a bit of background information in advance. Ask what the person does for a living, what their interests are, and whether you should avoid any particular topics.

If you are willing to really challenge yourself, take an improv class. At first, this may be a very scary prospect. However, if you can tolerate it, improv is a fantastic way to train for social situations.

You will get a chance to practice responding to others in the moment instead of getting caught up in your own thoughts and feelings. I usually make it my mission to get to know a thing or two about a few people, to see if we might have something in common. We then come up with a mission together. Take this quiz and get a custom report based on your unique personality and goals.

Start improving your confidence, your conversation skills, or your ability to bond - in less than an hour. Read more here on how to start a conversation and how to stop being quiet around others.

These questions can also help keep a conversation going. I emphasize new people because once you get to know someone, you can talk about controversial topics without fear that the situation will get awkward.

Making jokes can make you appear more likable and can relieve tension in a social setting, but an offensive or ill-timed joke can lower your social status and make a situation feel awkward. As a general rule, avoid making jokes about controversial R.

This will only make everyone awkwar awkward. Instead, apologize and change the topic. For more tips on how to use humor effectively, see this guide on how to tto funny. Mutual interests help us connect with people. Conversations usually become awkward after a how to remove purple pvc primer if we get stuck thigs about facts and impersonal subjects. Instead, we can ask questions that help us get to know what people think and their feelings about things, their future, and their awkwars.

When we do this, the types of conversations we have tend to be more natural and lively. For example, if you get stuck in a conversation about low interest rates, that can soon get boring. This can spark a good conversation. Read more on this in our guide on how to avoid awkward silence. Not all silence is bad. It can be draining to feel like you have to talk all the time.

Pauses in a conversation can give us time to aw,ward and deepen the topic to something more substantial. Main article: How to be comfortable with silence. Later in life, as I studied to become a behavioral scientist, I learned what are calcium deposits in the body small talk has a purpose:.

When I learned that small talk has a purposeI started to like it more. In fact, this strategy will only make everything feel more awkward.

For example:. I find it nof interesting. Let people finish their sentences. Diving in too quickly will make you appear over-eager, which can be awkward. Interrupting others is also an annoying habit that can put people off talking to you altogether.

Sometimes, you can see that someone is formulating a thought in their head. Usually, people look away and change facial expression slightly when they are thinking. Wait for what they are about to say rather than starting to talk. Sharing builds rapport, but going into too much detail can make other people feel awkward. I feel especially shy and awkward around strangers. If you often feel socially awkward, there might be a deeper reason.

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Part of being awkward is devastatingly bad timing and hesitance when extending a hand or arms to greet someone.

Always keep your phone on you. An awkward person with a cell phone in a social environment is the equivalent of MacGyver having a Swiss Army knife in a bind. It allows us the ability to occupy ourselves using various apps and games or pretending to be texting. This serves as a brilliant coping mechanism to deal with being in an uncomfortable setting. Be early. Everyone seems to already be acquainted with each other and you struggle to take part in conversations. Ask questions.

A helpful way to avoid babbling, stumbling over your words, and coming off as a tense person is to put the pressure on others. Let them talk. All you do is listen, and generate a response in the form of a question. Oftentimes attempts at wittiness around the wrong people come off as uncalled for or inappropriate. Know or have a good idea of the mood and feel of your surroundings before practicing your standup routine. Emphasize your attention on the positive aspects of your experience.

Be progressive. Even if that means having a drink or two to loosen up, you must force yourself to refrain from caring. Keep it natural and authentic. Although there is one thing you can force. Be extraordinarily friendly. Smile some more. Then follow that up with a little more smiling. Seriously, people thoroughly enjoy being around a flat out nice, happy person.

Even if you start out imitating happiness, eventually it can turn into the real thing. Doing so can, and probably will result in some excruciating discomfort.

However, if you initiated the anxiousness, just wait a few seconds and a new topic will arise. Get out of the house! As a result, our generation has spawned a massive amount of awkwardness.

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