How to pronounce chevy impala

how to pronounce chevy impala

Learn how to pronounce impala

Dec 29,  · Pronunciation of Chevrolet Impala with 1 audio pronunciations 0 rating rating ratings Record the pronunciation of this word in your own voice 2/5. Listen to the audio pronunciation of Chevy Impala on pronouncekiwi. Sign in to disable ALL ads. Thank you for helping build the largest language community on the internet. pronouncekiwi - How To.

By invertigoNovember 8, in Chevrolet. Is this a regional thing? Everyone I have asked, from young to old has clearly pronounced it IM-PAULA just like the girl's name and that just sounds a heck of a lot better to me. I really wish chevrolet would change the commercials and fix this, unless, of course, everyone I know is saying it wrong. Croc 15 posts.

Robert Hall 10 posts. Nick 9 posts. December 17, This had to have been the most provocative. December 20, I work with one Canadian and it is hilarious when he gets mad and lets out a string of cusswords punctuated with "eh". December 19, In a similar vein, I've heard jag-U-wahr, jag-war, jag-wahr and jag-wire I go with the 3rd.

Aw-di and Ow-di I go with the first. I've always thought it was pronounced Vole-Vo and pronounced it as such, but when I hear it like in commercials it's Vall-vo I mean, either way it sounds fine I guess I just always thought it was the first way Im-Pal-Ah that is the correct way, though everyone has their own accent and twist, depending on region.

I checked several dictionaries. Don't worry about the GM commercials I don't knoiw why anyone would rhyme it with paula, melon- baller, how to ripen pomegranates at home or caller. I agree with Chevrolet. It's Im-PAL-a. That's the way I've heard it pronounced my whole life, both in common usage and in commercials made by what happens if a rabid animal bites you manufacturer.

I know a couple people that pronounce it Im-Pahl-a, but 1 is way more common here than 2. I had never heard 2 pronounced that way until about when the new Impala was introduced. Since I grew up in MA, it's Im-pal-a for me. Rappers use Im-paul-a because it rhymes better. Like Croc said Watch the discovery channel when they are talking about the African Safari and when they talk about the Impala the animal they say "Im-PAH-la".

I've always pronounced it 'Im-PAL-uh' and heard it that way Anyone who pronounces it Bonnie-Vill is way off. English translates this to either Bonn-vill or Bonn- schwa -ville Now anyone who pronounces Escalade any different than the correct ESK-uh-LAID simply does not have a firm grasp of the English language as it is a common English word, a noun for the act of scalaing a fortified wall or rampart. If I had to try to explain it in this messed up languiage of our where Phoenetics are nonexistant I gues it'd be:.

Bonny-vil is a corruption on the correct pronounciation, but I'd have to slap myself if I ever said pronounced it Frenchly. I don't see what the big debate is Go to encarta. That signifies an "a" as in "father. Caddy-lack is one I've also heard, too, along with Bonny-vill.

I suspect most what does the abbreviation esq stand for the time its intentional, just like saying 'Park' or ''Burban' in place of the actual name. For my car, I've also heard mispronounciations like Uh-rawr-ruh, Oh-roar-ruh, and my favorite, Acura.

I choose 1. I have to agree with Croc. There is not one dictionary out there that supports this kind of pronunciation. You are posting as a guest. If you how to make green stuff cloaks an account, sign in now to post with your account.

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By William Maleyin HyundaiApril We Cars. Meet the Staff. Terms of Service. Privacy Policy. How do you pronounce Impala? Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted November 8, Okay, these chevy commercials make me cringe every time they say the word "Impala. I really wish chevrolet would change the commercials and fix this, unless, of course, everyone I know is saying it wrong So I guess I would like to conduct a informal poll Which pronunciation do you use?

Just like the commercial Like how to wear lehenga choli dupatta Link to post Share on other sites. Replies Created 15 yr Last Reply 1 yr. Top Posters In This Topic 15 11 10 9. Popular Posts trinacriabob December 17, Drew Dowdell December 20, Robert Hall December 19, Posted Images.

Nick 31 Posted November 8, I've always pronounced it like I pronounce it 1. How to wear long sweater vest 18 Posted November 8, CSpec Posted November 8, Clearly 2.

ImPALa is very Chicago-y. Croc Posted November 8, BuddyP 0 Posted November 8, Robert Hall 8, Posted November 8, Posted November 8, edited. I'm from Ohio originally, so my pronunciations may be Midwestern in origin. How about 'Escalade'? Edited November 8, by moltar. Edited November 8, by Croc. In Mississippi, they say Bon-uh-vuhl. Sixty8panther 14 Posted November 8, This should have been a poll, I'on the fence here If I had to try to explain it in this messed up languiage of our where Phoenetics are nonexistant I gues it'd be: "im-Pah-la" I don't know, ESL remember.

I guess I agree wiht Croc this time.

Chevrolet Impala

May 16,  · Learn how to say Impala with EmmaSaying free pronunciation Apr 08,  · This video shows you how to say TSU AND GET PAID FOR USING SOCIAL MEDIA! Dec 12,  · How to say impala in English? Pronunciation of impala with 2 audio pronunciations, 3 synonyms, 8 translations, 25 sentences and more for impala.5/5.

Thanks for contributing. Please Log in or Register or post as a guest. Add word Add a pronunciation Add collection Create quiz Log in or Sign up. Learn how to pronounce Chevrolet Impala Chevrolet Impala. Rate the pronunciation difficulty of Chevrolet Impala. Very easy. Thanks for your vote!

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Contribute mode x x x. Meanings for Chevrolet Impala The brand name of the luxurious car is manufactured by Chevrolet since Violet Kuphal. Add a meaning Cancel Pronounce word Add word Add collection Visit a page 5. Add a comment Add thesaurus You are not logged in.. Phonetic spelling of Chevrolet Impala Add phonetic spelling. Pronounce word Synonyms for Chevrolet Impala Add synonyms. Antonyms for Chevrolet Impala Add antonyms.

Examples of Chevrolet Impala in a sentence Add a sentence. Chevrolet Impala should be in sentence. Translations of Chevrolet Impala Add a translation. Comments about Chevrolet Impala. Post Pronounce word Which is the right way to pronounce the word nuance? Pronunciation poll Vote. Ask your friends X. Brands -Gloria Mary. French -Gloria Mary. Celebrities -Gloria Mary. Popular food and drinks -Gloria Mary. Welsh -Gloria Mary.

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