How to put youtube videos to psp

how to put youtube videos to psp

Ways to get Videos From YouTube to some PSP Easily

Apr 13,  · This brief, but comprehensive tutorial will show you how to easily put YouTube Videos on your PSPAttention: Converttube no longer works sorry. How to Download YouTube Video to PSP with Ease Step 1: Load YouTube Video First of all, you need to download YouTube to PSP converter on Mac and install it, click “YouTube” button, then copy and paste the YouTube video URL. Once you click “OK”, the rest video downloading job will be automatically done by this YouTube video likedatingus.comted Reading Time: 5 mins.

Everybody loves YouTube. It has examples of everything you'd want to watch, from Lonelygirls to football goals, old men complaining to Goths crying. The only trouble is our lack of time. If only we could catch up with everyone else by watching that funny bad advert from the '80s yo commuting to work. If only there was some way Go to YouTube and pick the video you want to convert. We chose a video about blenders, as it was the top rated clip the day we looked.

Go up to the address bar, click it, and Ctrl-C to copy the video's address. Go to YouTubeX. Paste your video's address into the main box and click Get Video. Click Download and save your video to the desktop. You may be asked if you're sure you want to change the file extension, vixeos which case you should reply that you are. Save the file to the desktop, then double click it and follow the installation instructions.

Youtubd the Total Video Converter programme. On the screen that pops up choose PSP Mpeg4. Click Convert Now and wait while it videow its thing. Now all you have to do is put the converted video on your PSP.

Follow our guide to do just that and you're away. Disclaimer: Pocket Gamer in no way condones what is the percentage of oxygen in inspired air behaviour of those who put their iPod youtune a blender. They're just asking for trouble. By Robert Howells.

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Jan 16,  · Run the Total Video Converter programme. Click on and hold the left mouse button down. Drag the video into TVC's Track List Window. On the screen that pops up choose PSP Mpeg4. Click Convert Now and wait while it does its thing. Now all you have to do is put the converted video on your PSP. Follow our guide to do just that and you're away. If you convert video from YouTube, Google, Nico video video website, select " YouTube ". If you convert video from DV recorder, select " file-> Capture video from DV " in the file menu. Third, click "profile" to set PSP MP4 as output format. Fourth, click "Encode" to start encoding.

Show Description. Watch this video on YouTube. Video taken from the channel: lmaowatbebo. All the way back in , we dig up the now 15 year old PlayStation Portable, and see what kind of capabilities it has for running a YouTube channel.

This old boy is sporting a build it web-browser, a camera attachment, a video editing program and a few in-game artistic features perfect for making content on social media..

Discord Server. Video taken from the channel: Peter Knetter. Video taken from the channel: pfeiffee. Video taken from the channel: Sealops Hi guys, Tech James here,. This video is for educational purposes only.. Video taken from the channel: Tech James. A quick video on how to transfer videos from your computer to your PSP! My 1st video! If you have any questions, feel free to send me a private message or leave a comment below. Video taken from the channel: TheGoother You can also add movies if you wanted too if you have space.

Video taken from the channel: spllitz. You can also add movies if you wanted too if you have space PSP. Please Rate and komment Thanks! Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Part 2. Select output profile for PSP. Trim video by changing the time points or dragging the triangles on the slide to get a duration. Now, provided you had enough free space for the file, the file should appear on the right hand side of the page meaning the file is now on your PSP.

Just copy-paste the URL of the streaming video that you wish to download into any of these video-downloading websites, choose the format you want the downloaded video to be in and start downloading. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Im from I have psp go. Aaand yes this video converter work perfectly but chrome says its a virus and dont allow to download it.

So I just download it from Opera. Thx again thumbs up for you. I did some looking around the internet and found PSP Video 9. Can you see if this is a safe application? I tried GoTube before. I tried the mobile version of Youtube also. Recently bought Nvidia Shield Portable from garage sale.

What can you do make it great and useful. I apreciate your comments in advance. If you are trying to put in a youtube video then you should instead go on downloader and copy and paste the url. I loaded the wrong one. Spent hours trying to figure this out. You sir are a legend. May the gods hold your spirit high on the highways of Valhalla! I used Handbrake for PSP video conversion. Basically use the Universal format and change the resolution to for videos and for videos.

I can also import SRT files. Can you send me your GoTube folder somewhere? I open my web browser and search youtube then when im clicking it it says ssl error. How to fix this? Help me guys. Some people are confused about why the psp used the s in PlayStation.

But without it, it would be a PP. Softonic usually gives old versions of the file, so I just went to its original site. You just need wifi, and to have your PS3 online. Pretty cool, btw I just got the new Moto G6 play phone and man I love it. So much better than my old iPhone lol. Sweet now I can enjoy anime on the go and I already have literally every game so yay only English tho. I knew that you could do this on the psp but I had never bothered to try it.

I might give it a shot just for the sake of seeing how good to picture quality is. The psp was so good for its time. Hello James! Which one is the best MAME emulator on psp? I use mame gold but it sucks a lot. Have some suggestions?

Hey man, I would like to thank you a lot. Thank you! I see it comeing. Unblock the file: Go to your downloads on google chrome and then go to the file and click on recover malicious file.

Can you please make a video on how to change the game introduction video on psp? Thank you. I just got a gb micro sd card for my psp with the adapter and I now have tons of storage for lots of games and movies. Well your obviously not a scholar, I can tell that from your grammar.

So why not get off of Youtube and go bitch somewhere else, or just get a life. I cut video in Movies folder and it does not work so i renamed it video and it works. Thanks a lot:. If you really want to watch youtube on psp use: Gotube1. Honestly if the PSP was able to regain its ability to use the Internet, it would be pretty unstoppable.

Ohh, I love the Orb of Dreamers…. When a YouTuber makes a video with the worst game of the series that made your childhood to make art with fricking stickers instead of buying the third one and make art there because I want more little big planet content. Hey guys you should check out mine you dont need anything accept a usb cord and thats all no firmware no hacked psp just a usb cord!

Can some one answer this question do you need a memory stick to go on the Internet on a psp? Does anyone know if they updated this in ? I still have it in my old PSP but no longer works. I have a question why is everyone talking about porn. I want to know how to watch it? First,open up your PSP browser and go to stagevu. Fourth,hit triangle and click save link target. Fifth, KEEP. Im looking for a website to download umd movies, no converting.

Straight up movie like iso when it comes to games. For everyone wondering softonic is a virus site and if you sant to download aTube catcher you can do it from their site. SITE: atube. All about science and technology. Click on "Watch later" to put videos here. Expert Mark. Table of Contents:. Show Description All the way back in , we dig up the now 15 year old PlayStation Portable, and see what kind of capabilities it has for running a YouTube channel.

Show Description Here is a follow up to all those non-believers out there.

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