How to report disability fraud in canada

how to report disability fraud in canada

Fraud awareness and reporting

Reporting someone who may be committing benefit fraud, helps us protect your contributions to the Employment Insurance (EI) program and the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). When you report abuse or misuse of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP), you are also helping to protect the integrity of TFWP and the Canadian labour market. We encourage you to use our Online Form to report a suspected case of fraud. You may report cases of suspected fraud by: contacting local offices (Ontario Disability Support Program and/or Ontario Works) mailing, faxing information to your local office.

Skip to content Ontario. Do you know someone who is getting money from a social assistance program that they should not be receiving? While there are many people who genuinely need our fdaud, there are unfortunately some who take unfair advantage of social assistance programs. We are committed to ensuring that the supports offered by these programs are provided to those who need it most.

We encourage you to use our Online Form to report a suspected case of fraud. Ministry staff are bound by the privacy and confidentiality requirements of the Freedom of Ffaud and Protection of Privacy Act and cannot confirm whether individuals are in receipt of social assistance and therefore cannot discuss the details of a fraud investigation with the person who filed the complaint.

For reports submitted via how to adopt a child in sims 3 or online form, please note that an automatic reply to your report will be provided however follow-up requests on reported allegations will not be actioned and multiple reports do not result in multiple investigations.

Reporting fraud If you suspect welfare fraud in Ontario, let us know. We take reports of fraud very seriously. Please provide as much information as you can about the person you're reporting, including: name address including city why you believe this person is receiving assistance fraudulently.

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ODSP Eligibility

How to report fraud There are a couple of ways to report alleged fraud: Fill out this form and click “submit” to report electronically; Fill out this form, print it and fax it to: ; Call the Prevention and Loss Management Office at , Monday to Friday, a.m. to p.m. to speak directly with a ministry. Dec 14,  · If you suspect ODSP fraud, you can report it to the Welfare Fraud Hotline by emailing [email protected], phoning , faxing or writing to Ministry of Community & Social Services, Welfare Fraud Hotline, Box , Toronto ON M7A 1E9. You should report potential cases of abuse of the TFWP to the Government of Canada. Social insurance number (SIN) fraud Know the steps to protect your personal information if you think you have been a victim of a SIN fraud.

What is Income and Disability Assistance Fraud "Fraud" means providing information that is false or misleading in order to receive assistance for which the person is not eligible.

Situations of fraud may include but are not limited to :. You may fill out the form to assist with your call. We encourage people to provide as much as information as possible.

Will I be told the outcome of the suspected fraud I have reported? No, the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act prevents the ministry from sharing any information about the progress or outcome of an investigation. The confidentially of the person involved is protected. Cases that proceed to court may become part of public court records. After I have provided the information, what happens? The information you provide is sent to PLMS, where it is assessed to determine what actions are required.

Information provided may result in: requirement to repay assistance received for which the person is not eligible an overpayment deductions from assistance civil court proceedings a fraud charge under the BC Employment and Assistance legislation or Criminal Code of Canada. Please provide as much of the following information as possible about the person you want to report.

Comment boxes are limited to a maximum of characters. Please limit to characters or less. How did you become aware of this? Thank you for the information you have provided. Once sent, the information will no longer be accessible.

Last Name. Will I remain anonymous? It is ministry policy to keep the identity and personal information of anyone who reports suspected fraud confidential. If you provide your name and contact information, you may be contacted by ministry staff. Your identity will not be divulged to the person you are reporting, but the details of your report may be released to that individual through an appeals process, judicial process or under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

In the event of a criminal investigation, the ministry may be required to disclose your information to a law enforcement agency, or in response to a judicial process. Your name and any contact information you provided will be removed. We also recommend that you do not include information that may identify you in your comments. NOTE: Because of strict privacy laws, the ministry is NOT able to share information about the progress or outcome of the investigation.

The confidentiality of the person involved is protected. What makes you think this person is receiving ministry assistance? Any additional information that might help to identify this person, for example, other names used or approximate age if the exact birth date is not known.

The following is a list of possible fraudulent situations. Please select at least one situation that best applies and supply as much information as is available to you.

Person is employed: provide name of employer, work address, duration, start date, type of work, if known. Person has other unreported income: provide source and date of payments, if known. Person has an unreported spouse, their child is not residing with them or they are reporting their family members inaccurately: provide names and any specific details, for example, how long the person has lived with the spouse and whether the spouse is employed.

Person is living at a different address, out of province, or out of country: provide old and new address and phone number, date of move, if known. Person is cashing altered or stolen assistance cheques: provide details of dates, bank used, if known. Person is receiving benefits on more than one assistance case: provide name, including any other names by which the person is known, and any specific details, for example, addresses and phone numbers, if known.

Person is receiving benefits under false or multiple names: provide other names, birthdates, social insurance numbers, if known.

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