How to wire fog lights to a toggle switch

how to wire fog lights to a toggle switch

How to Hook Foglights to a Toggle Switch

Mar 09, Drilling more holes in the RMounting the switch for the LED fog out the Euro dash cubby install,LED Install,And more R32 videosEuro Dash cubb. Locate a suitable body connection point and drill a 7/inch hole in the body. Crimp an eyelet connector on the ground wire and screw a sheet metal screw through the eyelet and into the body. This must be done for the switch, the relay and each of .

Driving lights and fog lights came about as car owners navigated the twisting turning by-ways of misty England. Powerful lighting was necessary to illuminate the road ahead for potential hazards to be successfully identified and avoided. In addition, foggy and wet conditions caused by road spray obliterated the edges of poorly crowned roads. The fog lights are mounted and ready for power. After a few smoke-filled incidents I am much more careful.

My Volvo S may not be British, but it does use many components common to the cars of England. I picked up two vintage fog lights at a yard sale and these will be installed on my Volvo. My lamps are vintage and each unit reads 35 watts. I will be using gauge wire, which handles up to Amps are a measure of current flow; volts are a measure of the force behind the flow of current. To protect my gauge wiring I will be installing amp inline fuses.

This will ensure that you blow the fuse before you burn the how to wire fog lights to a toggle switch. I will need several colors of gauge wire: black, green, white, and red. The reason is simple, the color identifies the purpose of each wire and if I ever have a problem I can track it down using my wiring diagram. Here is what I need to complete the job:. Before cutting any wire, a good diagram is in order.

Draw a diagram on plain white paper with wire gauge noted and colors identified. Each component must be labeled. This wiring diagram will stay with the car so make it neat and easily readable. Pictured is my wiring diagram for installing two fog lights with fuses, a switch, and a relay. Relays are an important component in wiring fog or driving lights with a A draw. Basically, the relay protects the switch from getting hot and creating unwanted resistance.

The low current through the switch triggers the relay to make a higher current connection to the heavy load of the fog lights. If you purchased your relay from a reputable source, it will have numbered terminals, which aid greatly in connecting everything correctly. The fog lights are positioned first, the switch second, and the relay last. Since the switch will be on the dash and the fog lights at the front of the car, the only location decision to be made concerns the relay.

I want the relay in a protected place near the front of the car. It needs to be near a 12V power source. I have chosen a position on the inner fender arch away from heat, but protected from road spray.

Use a test light to confirm your power sources for both the relay and the switch. I will splice into this wire so that my fog lights will work only when the low beams are on. I found a hot connection at the fuse block for the switch. Both of these 12V power lines need a amp inline fuse. A three way connection is made to the power source for both lights.

Now you are ready to run your wires how to figure sod coverage to the wiring diagram. Keep wires close to an existing wire loom and be careful of loops and sagging wires, which may snag on a moving component of the car. Do not add the crimped ends to any of the wires until all the wires are in place. Cut and leave about 6 inches of extra wire at every terminal point.

Start with the ground connections for each component. This must be done for the switch, the relay and each of the fog-lights. Drill the required hole in your dash for the switch; leave the switch free for the moment. I like to start wiring everything together at the switch and work my way toward the relay and the front of the car.

The switch has two remaining terminals. The last terminal on the switch connects to the power source. This white wire will need a 10 amp inline fuse and is connected to the fuse block.

The relay is wired next. The power source for the relay is drawn from the low beam wire of the left headlight, as noted above. The fog lights each have two wires, one for ground and one for the 12V power. One of these wires from each fog light has already been connected to ground. Finally, attach the switch to the dash and the relay to its location. A test is in order before you use the lock ties and button everything up. Turn on the ignition and hit your switch. Nothing should happen.

Toggle the switch and see that the lights work properly. Use lock ties to secure all wires. You are now ready to move about the country! Tagged: driving lightsfog lights what is the best dog nail grinder, how toRic Glomstadtech tipswiring.

June 16, What is more powerful and larger than a desktop computer 22, August 9, pm Ed Hargrove. Ric, Compliments on a well-written and informative article, but I have to offer one criticism. Fog is a problem for drivers because it reflects most of the light from standard low beam lamps, and much of that occurs because of the beam pattern, the way headlight lenses aim and disperse the light.

Nothing can do that in fog except maybe infrared or radar. For that reason, in heavy fog meaning the kind where your low beams are not very helpfulto see an improvement you must turn off the headlights and turn on the fog lights. August 14, am Han van Pelt. You must not use regular lights in combination with fog lights.

True fog lights, correctly used, are a fantastic asset during heavy snow falls. September 13, am Rusty Tools. If I understand correctly, you have the power for the new lights tapped off the low-beam source, and the power for the relay coming what is the process of data analysis the fuse-block.

Would it be better to reverse them and have the new lights coming from the fuse-block and the switch wiring off the low-beam wire? Functionality remains the same. December 14, am FinnishSmart. I agree assuming the switch activates the connection between 30 and 87on the relay, I would have thought 30 on the relay should be connected to the fuse-block and the low current supply to the switch from the low-beam wire.

September 21, am Ron Dubiel. Many years ago, I was driving late at night on a rural country road in very thick fog. I had maybe foot visibility. As I was coming around the mountain, all I saw was a single light. February 26, pm Ric Glomstad. My goof!

I wanted the driving lights connected with the low beams to be legal in Washington Statehence I tied the wiring as written. Thanks for the comments, guys. There are sharp folk out there! Now, I better rewire my system. July 13, pm Nicholas. Your article was the only one that i found on the web with clear how to reduce secondhand smoke simple instructions Cheers Nicholas Sydney Australia.

February 6, pm Robert. This article was very helpful, as well as were the critical comments. Faced with criticism gentlemanly criticism, but criticism none-the-lesshe remained humble and in the end learned something himself. Proverbs Instruct a wise man and he will be wiser still; teach a righteous man and he will add to his learning. February 16, pm Tom Pearson.

I am a big believer in having a bright red rear foglight on my autos. Common in Europe as both factory equipment on some makes of cars and after market on others. Hella USA used to import a couple different rear fog lights and a really neat switch that could allow just the rear fog light to operate, allow just the front fog lights to operate and a combo of both. Alas, no longer availiable at least in the USA. Wired to work separately or with front factory fogs.

The PIA unit is somewhat expensive but far less than having some idiot smack you in the rear in foggy weather because he was driving too fast for conditons. May 7, am Alex. Do I have to cut in to the wires at the head lamps to make the driving lights work? April 16, pm Sonia.

Sep 15, DIY fog light. Connect the fog lights to terminal 86 using gauge wire. Run a piece of gauge wire from terminal 30 to the toggle switch. Install the switch within easy, safe, reach of the driver. Connect a wire from a fused power source to the center terminal of the switch and the . Aug 07, Now just run your ground wire to the switch, and your acc wire to the switch, reinstall the panels and you are good to go. In the images, you can see the zip ties. To show you how I ran the wire, I started on the driver side by the air filter, and worked my way around the front of my truck to the battery on the passenger side.

Installing a toggle switch into your fog lights' electrical circuit allows you to control them remotely. Flipping the switch to the "on" position completes the electrical circuit and allows power to flow from the battery to the lights, while flipping the switch to the "off" position breaks the circuit stopping the flow of electricity.

Always remember to disconnect the positive battery cable from your battery's positive terminal before servicing any electrical circuit on your vehicle. Failure to follow that simple safety step can result in painful electric shock and damage your vehicle's electrical components. Cut the wire connecting your fog lights to their power source using your diagonal pliers.

Connect the wire running to your power source to the "source" terminal of your toggle switch. Connect the wire running to your lights to the "accessory" or "load" terminal of your toggle switch.

Jonathan Stewart began writing with an op-ed in the "Jackson Sun" in He writes for multiple websites and is a frequent contributor to regional newspapers. Step 1 Cut the wire connecting your fog lights to their power source using your diagonal pliers. Step 3 Connect the wire running to your power source to the "source" terminal of your toggle switch. Step 4 Connect the wire running to your lights to the "accessory" or "load" terminal of your toggle switch. Cover all exposed conductors with electrical tape.

Never service an electrical system while it's connected to a power source.

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