Ocarina how to play song of time

ocarina how to play song of time

Song of Time

Dec 30,  · Song of Time Ocarina Tab From: Legend of Zelda. Holes: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, Type: Sweet Potato. Be sure to enable quicktime to play the song. Tweet. Click the tab below to enlarge. Click the tab above to enlarge. Song of Time - Legend of Zelda was brought to you by Ocarina Tab, the best and only Octab site on the web. If you find an. Jul 02,  · Song of time Ocarina Tab From: Legend of Zelda. Holes: 16, 12, 10, 9, 8 Listen to "Song of time": (13 votes, average: out of 5) Loading Be sure to enable quicktime to play the song. Tweet. Click the tab above to enlarge. Song of time - Legend of Zelda was brought to you by Ocarina Music, the best and only Octab site on the.

In Ocarina of TimeLink can learn a total of thirteen Ocarina Songsmost of which are required to complete the quest. Listed below are all Ocarina Songs, how to acquire them, as well as their uses. These six songs are taught to Link by various ocarija found throughout Hyrule and each has a distinctive attribute. It's primarily played whenever a Triforce symbol is found, including within Goron Cityat the entrance of Zora's Domainwhen changing the water level in the Water Templeand at other tim within some of the other dungeons.

Additionally, the song has some mystical properties, such as being able to cause fairies to appear while standing next to a Gossip Stoneas well as in other specific locations when Navi turns green.

Link can also play this song ocarlna make sign tl appears after they have been chopped down. Malon will teach Link Epona's Song. The song can olay used to summon Epona and as an adult, it is essential to learn this song in order to escape Lon Lon Ranch with Epona.

For a complete guide on how to acquire Epona, view the Epona Quest Guide. Despite it appearing as if it ho of importance, learning Epona's Song and visiting Lon Lon Ranch all together is completely optional. When tije to her, she will teach Link Saria's Song. The song is required to progress in the main story on two occasions. Later as an adult, Link must play the song to Mido in the Lost Woods, allowing him to pass sonb his way to the Forest Temple.

Throughout Link's quest, he can play Saria's Song and speak with Saria, who will provide Link with some hints on what he needs to accomplish next. Other times playing the song will just cause Link to chat with Navi. Link will first need to play Zelda's Lullaby to enter the tomb. After navigating through a few rooms, Link will find the tablet that has the notes for the Sun's Song. Playing the song will immediately cause it to become either day or night.

This is particularly useful for a number of quests in the game. Additionally, Link can play the Sun's Song whenever ReDeads or Gibdos are around, causing them to be stunned momentarily, allowing Link to get some ocarjna hits in.

There are also a few specific locations where Navi will turn green within dungeons, and if Link plays the Sun's Song, a Big Fairy will appear. Once Link acquires the instrument, a scene will play where Zelda will teach Link the song. Later, the song can be used on a number of occasions to sng or to get Song of Time blocks to appear at various locations ocarian the dungeons.

When Link enters the Windmill as an adult, he ocarin speak with the Phonogram Man. After pulling out his Ocarina, he will learn the Song of Storms. The item is required to enter the Bottom of the Well as a child. There are a few occasions where Link can play the Song of Storms to cause a grotto to appear in the ground, as well as causing a Fairy Fountain to jow at the Oasis in the Desert Colossus. There are a total of six warp songs that Link is required to learn to complete his quest.

Five of these songs will warp Link to the Triforce Pedestals near the Temple dungeons that Link will have to complete, with a sixth warp song leading back to the Temple of Time. All six songs tims learned when Link is an adult and they are taught to Link by Sheik. Learned when Link reaches the Sacred Forest Meadow. The song will warp Link right outside of the Forest Temple. Learned when Link crosses the broken bridge in the Death Mountain Crater as an adult. It will warp Link right outside of the Fire Temple.

The song will warp Link to the Kakariko Village Graveyard. After Link enters what is the best ar rifle to buy Spirit Temple and og exits, he will be confronted by Sheik who will teach him the song. Playing the song allows Link to warp to the Desert Colossuswhich is the only way Link can reach this region as a child. Link will learn this song after he completes the Forest Temple and returns to the pedestal at the Temple of Time.

It will warp Link back to the Temple of Time. The Scarecrow's Song is a unique song that Link will create the notes for and it can be different from game to game. When Link is a child, he can make up the notes of ocarina how to play song of time song and play it for Bonooru at Lake Hylia.

Boonoru will remember the song and tells Link to come back and play it ocarna him later. When Link returns as an adult, he can oocarina the song once more to Boonoru. After doing so, there are 13 locations found throughout the Overworld and within Dungeons where Link can play the song, causing the other Scarecrow, Pierre to appear.

Community ;lay Discord Forums. The Legend of Zelda. The Adventure of Link. Walkthrough 1. Parapa Palace 2. Midoro Palace 3. Ocarina how to play song of time Palace 4. Maze Island Palace. Video Walkthrough sng.

Ocean Palace 6. Hidden Palace 7. Great Palace. A Link to the Past. Zelda's Rescue 2. Eastern Palace 3. Desert How to get my bir tin number 4.

Tower of Hera 5. Hyrule Castle Tower 6. Dark Palace 7. Swamp Palace. Skull Woods 9. Gargoyle's Domain Ice Palace Misery Mire Turtle Rock Ganon's Tower. Link's Awakening. Tail Cave 2. Bottle Grotto 3. Key Cavern 4. Angler's Tunnel 5. Catfish's How old do alligators live. Video Walkthrough 6.

Face Shrine 7. Eagle's Tower 8. Turtle Rock 9. The Awakening. Ocarina of Time. Inside The Deku Tree 2. Princess of Destiny 3. The Mighty Collection 4. Dodongo's Ocariba 5. Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly 6. Timely Appearance 7. Forest Temple Master Quest Walkthrough. Video Walkthrough 8. Fire Temple 9. Ice Cavern Water Temple Within The Well Shadow Temple Spirit Temple Ganon's Castle. Majora's Mask. First Three Days 2.

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Once the other keys are gathered, the "Song of Time" must be played in the altar of the Temple of Time , thus opening the Door of Time and allowing access to the resting place of the Master Sword. Upon getting the Ocarina of Time, Link has a vision of the Princess explaining her reasons for leaving and teaches him the "Song of Time" through this telepathic message.

The "Song of Time" can also be played to remove and bring back Blocks that have the Symbol of Time engraved on them. The Song is also used as the Temple of Time theme.

Princess Zelda reminds Link to play the sacred Song if anything happens to him, mentioning that the Goddess of Time will come to his aid. By playing the "Song of Time", Link can warp back to the dawn of the First Day at any given time or place. Any spendable item, such as Bombs or Rupees , will be lost when playing the Song. However, Masks, weapons except for the Razor Sword , Songs learned, and other non-event items are kept. If Link's sword is with the smithy, he will regain his Kokiri Sword.

Playing the "Song of Time" is the only way to permanently save the game. In Majora's Mask 3D , it no longer saves the game.

Link can also play two variations of the "Song of Time" to alter time. The " Inverted Song of Time " lets him slow the flow of time, while the " Song of Double Time " allows him to move forward in time. The "Song of Time" also plays as part of Puppet Zelda 's battle music. In the Nintendo 3DS version, the song can be heard on the Gerudo Valley stage when the bridge repairs itself.

It is represented by the Ocarina of Time. When the "Song of Time" is used, the Termina Map resets. He may also occasionally play the Song when not being commanded and an allied Warrior is near.

Sign In. From Zelda Wiki, the Zelda encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation , search. Super Smash Bros. Ocarina of Time. Non-Canon Information. This is the Royal Family's hidden treasure which Zelda left behind. It glows with a mystical light Can you hear me? It's me, Zelda Link, when you hold this Ocarina in your hand I won't be around anymore I wanted to wait for you, but I couldn't delay any longer At least I could leave you the Ocarina and this melody This song opens the Door of Time Now, Link.

Play this melody in front of the altar in the Temple of Time. You must protect the Triforce! Even though it was only a short time, I feel like I've known you forever.

I'll never forget the days we spent together in Hyrule And I believe in my heart that a day will come when I shall meet you again Until that day comes, please Take this I am praying that your journey be a safe one. If something should happen to you, remember this song If you play the Song of Time, she will aid you Songs of The Legend of Zelda.

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