What are fresh and easy store hours

what are fresh and easy store hours

Fresh & Easy

Home cooking is a breeze with Home Chef’s Fresh and Easy meal plan. Prepped, portioned, and ready to cook – little to no clean-up! Fast & Fresh. Pop Fast & Fresh meals in the microwave for yummy flavors in minutes, OR heat 'em and eat 'em fresh from the oven. Oven Ready. Fresh and Easy Regular Business Hours Weekdays: The majority of the stores are open 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday. You will need to contact the customer service department for specific hours of operation. The store hours vary by location.

Yelpers report this location has closed. Find a similar spot. Ask a question. Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews. Learn more. Of the two, I do like the Ontario location better; especially under the Yucaipa ownership. Not long after, my wife was getting "Kitchen to Go" for her work lunch as well as myself. On the sweet side, my wife is addicted to the Lemon pound cake. I also like their "Made for Me" coupons where I how to use corel paintshop tend to save a dollar or two on a hiurs to Go" item annd well as other products.

Under the original Tesco ownership, I just loved this place. I try to explain a few reasons why: 1. As mentioned, I was buying "Kitchen to Hohrs meals for a week at time.

Under Tesco, I never had a problem with dates. I would always find something that was dated about a week out. I always had lots to select from too. Under Yucaipa, it seems like the dates have got shorter; maybe two to three days out. I rarely see anything more than 4 days out. I always had access to "Made wuat Me" coupons which saved me a few dollars each shopping trip.

Under Yucaipa, they what are fresh and easy store hours send out the coupons, but much more wre. I may go a month or so feesh any valid coupons where Tesco had something valid all the time. Integration how to clean stained tub floor the Wild Oats brand. Luckily, I tend to buy these marked down because they are on the last day or expired the following storw.

I don't even bother with the other Wild Oats stuff unless it is discounted due to date and I am eating it that day. Prices just about for everything was reasonable under Tesco. This year we decided to go with Fresh n Easy's pre-cooked meal to allow us to catch up on much needed sleep and they did not disappoint!

The staff are extremely friendly and helpful. Thank you from me and my family for making our Christmas dinner smooth n easy n most of all, delicious! The aisles are always neat and clean and they have plenty of organic items to choose from.

The one thing I can't get enough of is their Lemon Cilantro hummus. I don't frequent this location, but the employees are all friendly. I bought a frozen dinner here beef and broccoli and they were happy to microwave it for me in the tasting section. She even wrapped it when she gave it to me because it was hot. The dinner itself was good, the beef quality could be a little ahat, but hojrs flavor. I love love love their hummus! The cheesecake, cheeses, parfaits, yogurts, deli meats, chips, tea, all fantastic!

I'm such a fan. Some people have an issue with the mandatory self-check outs, but I stroe love it. It's faster and more efficient. I noticed this particular location doesn't have their own bakery, so you can't buy their il fornaio bread : bummer. I always get their italian loaf when I come. They seem to be what frames look best on a round face the prices on their brand products steadily, and it's not good!

Keep your prices reasonable, and make the organic products more affordable, please! Don't tell Trader Joe's, hhours I've been seeing someone else on the side. Hell, eaasy his name makes it sound so obvious His heat-and-eat ar shrimp with chilies has me coming back for hot and spicy seconds. Don't tell anyone but his ready-made Greek salad has me frequently fredh off at lunchtime, hat pulled what can blood tests show up and sunglasses on, for yet another secret rendezvous, where I get all freaky with the balsamic dressing.

And I want to rub the roasted banana gelato all over myself ; Yeah, I know I'm a whore for having two lovers, but don't hate the playa. What TJ's doesn't know won't hurt. And keep Joey Greco from "Cheaters" away from me. He doesn't need to be all up in my lunchtime business. Yours saving grace is their "2 buck Chuck" wine equivalent, Big Kahuna, that is stellar.

I've tried the merlot and cabernet, and it's great. Of course, being the cashier that Hoyrs am, I check for I. I self-card myself Self: What? Me: You heard me. Arr need some I. Self: Okay, ard Here's my I. I know, its an odd concept, but refrigerated food isn't supposed to last a month. I'm sold. What do regular grocery stores do with food that will go bad in a couple of days?

I know, they move it to the front and charge you full price for it. Yo this place is mad clutch. Anything fresh is easly right down the street! Mad props fresh and easy. Stay golden. Always check for clearance sections at these markets some do some dont. I like the self check out, only problem with it is if you do purchase an item that has been discounted you will need to get assistance with the check out of that item or any others that have been marked down.

Employees are helpful and willing to assist you with these items. Aare stores not crowded and good products for single individuals looking for fast an easy items for meals.

Can be slightly pricey watch the adds for deals and specials get the rewards card and use it for special prices and build up rewards points towards credit on future visits. Seems a bit small compared to a few others.

Once inside it becomes clear that the floor space is well used. The staff has always been helpful to me. The store gets four stars because it eeasy clean, well-lit, decent, selection and friendly staff. I wasn't "wow'd" by anything thus the fifth star is out of reach for this location. Ok first of all I have to say I HATE to have to scan and bag my own groceries, this of course limits what I buy, now if there was a discount for me being my own checker then it might motivate me but I doubt frehs.

The staff is most of the time friendly but not helpful and mostly act like you're bothering them by being there. There shopping carts are always full of trash and dirty, The fresh n easy brand is a very good quality. I can take it or leave it, but I can't do my major grocery shopping there. I'm a fan of Fresh and Easy, but this was my first time at this location.

They have the same products as the one I usually go to and there is plenty of parking. The only difference I noticed was that they do not have the same refrigerators what is a pharmacy tech I usually see, so everything is in an open ae, as opposed to having a door.

Get Directions S. Euclid Ave Ontario, CA Yelp,and related marks are registered trademarks of Yelp. For Businesses. Write a Review. Hiurs Services. Auto Services. See 37 photos. Loading interface Get directions. Amenities and More. Accepts Credit Cards. Private Lot Parking. Bike Parking.

Ars the Community.

Store Business Hours

Find Fresh & Easy in the US. List of Fresh & Easy store locations, business hours, driving maps, phone numbers and more/5(36). Find the Fresh and Easy near you. You will find listings Fresh and Easy phone numbers and addresses by clicking below. Also, you can learn about ratings, hours of operation, and customer reviews. Advertisement. Store Hours For Fresh and Easy. Fresh and Easy - Crismon and Guadalupe. South Crismon Rd, Mesa, AZ () reviews of Fresh & Easy - CLOSED "I'm excited about this one opening here so I can do Target, Costco, and F&E in a single trip and then work off all the calories with a quick stop at Fosselman's. Also, Jose dared me to review it.".

Yelpers report this location has closed. Find a similar spot. Ask a question. Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews. Learn more. I started coming here again to pick up juices, fruits, and foods in general this past year. I visited earlier today and was really SAD and shocked to learn that it's closed "forever. But closed forever. Something about the word, "Forever" that makes one feel weird and whatnot.

Will miss it. Rest in peace. My love and I were here earlier this week and I can honestly say that I was excited to shop here! We hadn't been in a while, but I recently wanted to eat more healthy and got into "organic foods. Price points were on PAR this time, as opposed to what I remembered seeing before We will definitely be back Hope prices are stil good They've had a remodel last year or so.

It's still a great place. Staff is very friendly and always willing to help with any questions or concerns. I'm just sad that they don't have the free samples anymore. I stopped by last week and they had their free sample cart out! I'm so happy! Conveniently located next to my two favorite lunch spots, Chipotle and Flame broiler, this Fresh and Easy is a solid choice if you need to grab some quick groceries.

Although the prices might be a little higher than Ralphs or Vons, Fresh and Easy makes up for it with their healthy choices and better shopping experience. The store itself is really well organized and extremely clean, so I definitely prefer coming here over any of the other supermarkets, and I actually enjoy my trips in here.

I particularly love getting baked goods and ready-made lunches here. They taste great and are ready to go so it's easy to swing by and grab something to eat even in a short lunch break.

Business owner information. Thanks for the review, Andrew! We are glad you enjoy our store. We are always looking for ways to improve and are grateful for our customers feedback! We look forward to seeing you soon. Please don't close this Fresh and Easy. It may not be fresh but its definitely easy. Also, they have a lot of weird items that you can't find at Albertsons or Target. Liquid smoke, speculoos, jarred Tikka Masala sauce bought but have yet to try. Seriously the only other place that has liquid smoke is Amazon and its marked up and you have to wait for it.

The speculoos is pretty much cookie butter but unlike TJ, its in stock. You better not buy all the speculoos. Also, their prices are so reasonable.

Okay, the cake flour is cheaper at Target but Fresh and Easy gives you coupons! The prices here were almost always higher than other supermarkets. I won't miss this place. Now can we get a Trader Joe's here? No more samples, no more fourth star. Still like the cilantro dressing. Fresh and easy.

Well I first started coming here with an ex. This market has always had a great selection. We would buy the quick meal setups on short notice whenever we couldn't decide on what to eat I mean she Shopping here is quick and painless like our breakup. And the prices are decent. Although everything is either 1. Black and white pricing. But at least you're never surpised. The employees always welcome you with a hello. The only negative aspect I can see..

Is that the parking lot is always full. We can thank chipotle for that and all of those damn "hipsters" who eat there. But I do love me a burrito bowl. Let's just save that for another review. You know this place has been a life saver for me. I really love the Strawberry Lemonade here.

I don't quite understand their pricing model between the larger 1. This place has so many options for dinner when I am in a dilemma. I like the already prepared meals that I can choose from when I just want to lounge at home for a quick meal.

Sometimes I wonder in during lunch time just to try some snacks at their trying counter. Oh yeah, never do I have to stand in a line to exit. I like the self checkout made available and the baggers that bag my stuff when leaving.

I have been shopping here since it opened. By far one of my favorite spots to shop food for the week when I'm not out and about. Reasonable prices. What I like the most is how some packages are setup so that two people can enjoy them. That helps me big time. Fresh and easy products are also great and very similar to its competition. Come here often and hope they somehow remain open. Been going here for a couple of years or so.

Closest little supermarket to our home. A-OK selection for a family of 2 with 2 dogs. Definitely love their 98 cent bags of vegetables and fruits. Also love the coupons that they send to you on email. Not much a fan of the Fresh and Easy brand ready-made meals that just need heating up. Is it just me that thinks they're a tad underseasoned?

Not as much variety. This Alhambra location really gets busy so I try to go mid morning or mid afternoon. Yelp, , and related marks are registered trademarks of Yelp.

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No Delivery. Accepts Credit Cards. Private Lot Parking. Bike Parking.

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