What are good dubstep songs

what are good dubstep songs

What are good Dubstep songs?

Feb 22,  · Hope you enjoyed my first music related video or my top 10's! Also for all of you people who said i got the Names wrong, Yes i did but please dont hate D:So. 21 rows · Jul 24,  · Given dubstep's lumbering cadences, it's only appropriate that the genre has left a ginormous.

Dubstep is a relatively new form of electronic music described as "tightly coiled productions with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals". There are those who say it's just noise, but of course, anyone who appreciates what are good dubstep songs knows those critics just don't understand what they're listening to.

Like classical music, knowing something about the genre adds to one's appreciation. You'll only be able to recognize the innovation and skill when you know something about the genre, its artists, and how each offers their own take on the sound of dubstep, from remixes of popular songs to original pieces. These are my ten favourite dubstep songs, in no particular order.

Of course taste is personal, so if your favorites are different, speak up in the comments section below. This is probably my favourite dubstep song by my favourite dubstep artist.

He mixes genres and both house and electro can be heard throughout his songs. For me, the highlight of this song is the vocal drop of "Oh My God! This is an emotion-driven dubstep with a melancholic, beautiful intro that leads up to a magnificent drop, sucking you into the dirty wobble bass. The song repeats the how to make a cute coupon book "You'll never be mine" and while I usually prefer dubstep without the cheesy, sappy vocals, for some reason they don't bother me in this song and only add to the overall experience, which is both trippy and emotion-filled.

Excision does awesome things with a sub-woofer in this song. The sub-bass is just as good as the deep, fulfilling wobble bass, if not better. It is a simple dubstep song, showcasing the most important aspect of dubstep, the wobble.

However, it does not sound empty, it actually sounds nicely deep, fulfilling, and diverse. This is a great chill-out dubstep that will amaze at the same time.

The wobble is as innovative as it gets. While I am not a fan of the original of this song at all just my opinion: I don't like Rihanna, this remix is pretty decent to say the least.

It ascends nicely throughout the song with an original wobble bassline that has a strange yet provocative bird-chirping noise at various intersections of the wobble. Rihanna's vocals complement the dirty dubstep nicely. A great remix of a not-so-great song. Skrillex strikes again, this time with a remix. The original isn't bad, but this remix completely blows it away. Yes, this song has been remixed to death but in my opinion this one is one of the best, with an amazing sense of apprehension and ascension throughout the song and a drop hits you like an anvil falling from the sky.

This is a great remix that sounds fresh and uplifting. I don't particularly like the original surprise, surprise but this remix adds a freshness and sharpness to the song with a long, chilled-out intro leading to a quick, sharp wobble bass, and through clever variations in tempo. Dizzee Rascal's vocals improve the song and they are no burden to Doorly; he incorporates them with extreme skill, using vocals to accentuate the song overall, particularly the drop.

This song is crammed with innovation. The dubstep here is original and really stretches the boundaries of what is perceived as traditional dubstep, just like the music of Skrillex. However, Rusko and Skrillex are completely different, showing the diversity within the genre. This song shows what can be done with a little imagination. It is a nice laid back chill-out song with a reggae feel. Here, Rusko shows what can be achieved within the genre. This time we have a remix of a Skrillex song.

Bare Noize do a great job of making an amazing song even more so. With the creepy vocal "I want to kill everybody in the world" leading up to the extremely varied main bulk of the song, this remix is nothing short of a dubstep masterpiece. There are those who might argue that this is not pure dubstep.

If you want to get caught up in the technicalities of particular genres, fine: this awesome song is influenced predominantly by dubstep, with additional influences from other genres. This song takes everything there is about dubstep, strips it down, and delivers a relaxing tune that is as trippy as it gets.

The wobble bass is extremely filthy-sounding with nice changes in tempo and a few interesting sounds thrown in every now what are good dubstep songs again. Ok, so this one isn't quite dubstep, but I had to include it. It's more drum and bass what us president was born in georgia a dubstep influence and a general air of epicness surrounding it.

It contains some nice little wobbles leaving no doubt that there is some dubstep lurking under the surface. I know I said this was a list of the 10 best but really, how could I narrow something like dubstep down to just 10? Here are some more awesome songs that must be heard. Okay, okay. This should have been called "25 Best Dubstep Songs".

You can either get mad or thank me. It breaks into the beat before bringing on the epic wobble. The mood of the song drags you in and then drags you along. It is impossible to tear yourself away from the sheer power and animosity that this song conveys. It gives you a brief moment to catch your breath in a break that is oozing with character and emotion before throwing you into an even heavier drop.

This is a really nice dubstep track that does not rely on crazy bass line wobbles, which makes for a nice change. The song is mainly synth and vocal driven. The raw and edgy vocals by Angela Hunte, who has quite an impressive voice suit the song well and contrasts nicely with the smooth-flowing synths.

The beat is well-constructed and overall the song is incredibly catchy and almost impossible not to dance to. This song has both raw emotion and raw character. The beauty of the female vocal flows over the listener, really working its way into your core. The raw and energetic power of the synths in the intro add character to that beauty. When it first drops, it drops into a lovely dubstep beat in which the resonance of those synths is elevated.

The second drop is drum and bass but nonetheless, this is a great song that combines the two genres. The melody in "I Can't Stop" is really outstanding. The strings in the intro instantly set the song up to how to screen shot on a droid a great track and as it fills with emotion, it plops you into a bass-heavy drop that is not only nice and heavy but melodic as well.

The song builds in adrenalin until it finally lets you go after two and a half minutes of sheer intensity. The musicianship of the song really shines through due to the complexity of the melodies and how they sit on each other, while also managing not to sound cluttered. The intro is a throwback to the days of Pendulum Rob Swire, Knife Party member, was front man of Pendulum in a former life and Pendulum used a similar narrated intro in their song "Blood Sugar".

This is one of those no-holds-barred, throw-everything-at-the-listener type of dubstep songs. The drop after the interesting intro is as heavy as they come, with all manners of wobbles how to make your own mmd model sound effects.

It takes no prisoners but takes the prisoner how to make a homemade bridge one hell of a ride. It is a powerful song with a lot of character. This track by the Canadian duo Zeds Dead is an absolute banger. To the people who say that all what are good dubstep songs sounds the same, here is a prime example of how it doesn't. The wobbles bring new ideas to the concept of wobble. They sound dirty and gritty while filling the listener with comfort.

The vocal is nicely filtered and evokes all kinds of emotions. This is the second remix of La Roux's "In for the Kill" on this list. While Skrillex's version has power in its apprehension and sheer weight, this remix has power in its pure ability to chill out any listener in any situation. The bass pulsates throughout the song nicely, complimenting La Roux's haunting voice. It is brilliant in its simplicity, making great use of the space surrounding each element of the song.

It brings you along this emotion-filled journey before throwing you into an unexpected drum and bass drop that is impossible not to move to. This song should be played to anyone who thinks dubstep is emotionless noise. It's one of the original pioneering remixes of the genre. The intricate drum beat of "NIght" is truly is a joy to listen to.

That, coupled with the haunting lead synth that reverbs mysteriously through the empty space of the track, make this song truly excellent. Once again, a relatively simple what trains go to world trade center with well-constructed ideas delivers due to the sheer brilliance and execution of those ideas.

You really do get the impression of a lonely and dark night so it is aptly named "Night". When this song first came out, it took the underground dubstep scene by storm, and it's still heralded as one of the finest dubstep tracks ever produced.

The percussion has layer upon layer of intricacies that make each listen a new experience. The intro is a beautiful synth accompanied by a haunting female voice that interjects every so often. This builds up to a drop that is powerful, not due to any wobbles or intense bass, but due how to use tweezerman whitehead remover the lack of them.

The song knows how to use emotion, percussion, and synths to guide the listener through its wonderful soundscape. There is nothing better than a dubstep song that layers on the moods. This is completely thrown on its head as the song drops, producing an extremely uplifting wobble. When that synth is brought back in it has a completely new vibe, creating an altogether joyous affair. The second drop slows down the wobble by half, an extremely clever trick which gives the song an extra dimension.

This is a great remix of what is already a how to drink mocha coffee song.

Lana Del Rey's haunting voice matches Gemini's production perfectly. The intro synth compliments her lyrical ability before giving it space to stand out. After this space the song drops into an amazingly big-scale, epic synth-driven beat.

20. "Rail Breaker" - Riot Ten ft. Rico Act

Mar 08,  · [nextpage title=”Best Riddim Songs ()”] Unless you've been living underneath a rock, you've probably heard about this new subgenre of dubstep starting to take its place in the music scene. Dec 16,  · Stuff from Monster Cat and knife party is some good dubstep imo. Some of its bad most of it's good. A friend of mine recommended big room dubstep, Pyramids or something or other. Oct 22,  · Metallica - Seek & Destroy (Bassnectar Dubstep Remix) Mt Eden Dubstep - Sarah McLachlan_ Silence. Mt Eden Dubstep - Still Alive. Natalia Kills - Wonderland (PeaceTreaty Dubstep Remix) Nero - Act.

With great dubstep dropping every single day, it's hard not to be overwhelmed with the ongoing onslaught of bass. Luckily for you, we've compiled a list of eleven of the best dubstep songs you forgot how much you loved. The twinkling keys and ethereal vocals are crafted in such a way that makes one think they were recorded with this remix in mind, creating a tune that stands the test of time years later.

When Foreign Beggars joined forces with Skrillex for their track "Scatta" on Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites , the dubstep world immediately knew this pairing was lethal. A year later, the two dynamic acts would reunite for a track bleeding with early 's dubstep sound.

Precise bars over the classic, growling Skrillex sound elevated "Still Getting It" to one of the best tracks in both acts' libraries, despite often being overlooked. From the moment the signature piano from the beginning of "Sweet Shop" plays, listeners are instantly sent back to the days of arguing over the word "brostep" on YouTube.

Doctor P 's screeching highs over grumbling lows paired with catchy vocals put this track on the list of all-time Circus Records greats. Speaking of Circus Records, it would be hard to make this list without including at least one Flux Pavilion song.

This is exactly why when his remix of Freestyler's "Cracks" comes on, the entire room shares a collective "oh my god" moment. Without the one they call "The Don," this list might have never been possible.

Rusko's second album, Songs , is often discounted when talking about the legendary producer's legacy, even though it contains some of his finest tunes. Serving as the perfect opening track to their cinematic debut, "Doomsday" from the U. A Megatron-esque intro warning humans that "salvation is reserved for those who pass the test" is truly something that only Excision and Downlink could deliver.

What follows the ominous proclamation is the equivalent of all the fight scenes from the best sci-fi movies condensed into four minutes. Don't be surprised if robots invade the next Lost Lands when this one comes on. It doesn't matter how long it's been since you've listened to "Sunlight" - when it comes on, the lyrics will instantly come back to you. Modestep created one of the catchiest tunes in dubstep history, and close to a decade later, it shows no signs of being dethroned.

Equal parts nature documentary and dubstep, Knife Party 's "Centipede" gave listeners a free science lecture before exposing them to bass-fueled chaos. Although they tested out several genres over the course of their career, this continues to be one of the hardest-hitting tracks in the duo's library. Adventure Club 's classic remix of Flight Facilities' "Crave You" is forever held near and dear to the hearts of dubstep fans around the world.

Looking back at its legacy years later, it appears as though it inadvertently became a precursor to the sound dominating the current era of bass music. With one of the best music videos in dubstep history featuring a battling Zomboy , Skrillex, and Excision and a decimated internet troll , the outrageous cinematics are only appropriate for a song of this scale.

The EDM. Ever wonder what this "dub-step" stuff is? Click here to find out! Find out how much you know about EDM's heaviest genre with our interactive quiz. Presenting genres and artists to win over the EDM uncertain. Need some workout songs for the gym or maybe a run? Music Releases. Lights - Ellie Goulding Bassnectar Remix.

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