What causes sharp pains all over your body

what causes sharp pains all over your body

Sharp Pain In Different Parts Of Body: Its Causes And Symptoms

Mar 27,  · Systemic muscle pain — pain throughout your whole body — is more often the result of an infection, an illness or a side effect of a medication. Common causes of muscle pain include: Chronic exertional compartment syndrome. Jul 21,  · Trapped wind can cause sharp stomach pains, while limb pain might simply be the result of a pulled muscle and even chest pains can be caused by a .

Have you ever been struck by a sudden excruciating pain, concluded you need to get to the hospital, only to be totally fine and pain-free two seconds later? What causes these pains to appear in the absence of other symptoms or obvious ailments? The sensation of pain has all to do with our sensory nerves. When you burn your finger or cut yourself, tiny pain receptors nociceptors in the skin detect that damage has been caused. These little receptors are what contribution did john dalton make to atomic theory to nerve cells, so their stimulation leads to a signal being sent up the nerve fiber.

Many of these nerve fibers together form a peripheral nerve, which transmits the message to the spinal cord as an electrical impulse. Then, by traveling along nerve cells, the signal reaches the brain and makes its way to the thalamusa region that plays an important role in pain perception. Next, pain signals get relayed to the somatosensory cortex, the frontal cortex, and the limbic system. These are responsible for physical sensations, thinking, and emotions, respectively.

While we have nociceptors in our skin to detect external sources of pain, we also have internal ones situated in our muscles, joints, digestive system, and internal organs that warn us of harmful stimuli within our bodies, like tumors or infections. Nerves can become compressed when surrounding tissues exert pressure on them. This is commonly known as a pinched nerve and can be mild to severe.

The pressure can simply be caused by repetitive motions or keeping your body in the same position for a long period of time for example, if you fall asleep with a bent limb. It can also be caused by inflammation due to injury or infection, as swollen tissue can put additional pressure on nearby nerves.

Playing sports and exercising are common ways to get a trapped nerve, sometimes as a result of repetitive motions or forcing the body into unnatural positions.

And the pain doesn't necessarily stay in one place — a compressed nerve in the neck might cause arm pain, for example. You can also work out to improve your strength how to prevent oil spills in the future flexibility, avoid doing repetitive activities for prolonged amounts of time, and try to maintain a healthy weight.

Obesity can increase your risk of compression pain as extra weight places more pressure on the nerves. The pain of a compressed nerve can be short-lived, getting better with rest, while for some people, surgery is required to treat it. More severe cases include nerve compression from a herniated disk or carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrist. One such condition is known as allodynia and is rare.

Allodynia is believed to be caused by a hypersensitive central nervous system, something also thought to play a role in chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia — a long-term condition that causes widespread pain.

The pain signals come from overly sensitized nociceptors; they start interpreting all sorts of harmless stimuli, from hairbrushes to hugs, as painful encounters. Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for allodynia, it is merely treated with painkillers and lifestyle changes such as avoiding wearing certain fabrics that trigger pain.

Certain conditions can increase your risk of experiencing allodynia, including migrainesdiabetesand fibromyalgia, but the phenomenon is still rare. Neuropathic pain results from damage or disease that interrupts the functioning of the sensory nervous system and involves the body relaying pain signals to the brain unprompted by a stimulus. The pain is usually chronic and linked to conditions such as diabetes, where high blood sugar levels damage peripheral nerves, sometimes leading to amputation, and injuries to the spinal cord.

Neuropathic pain contrasts with nociceptive pain, the kind of pain we normally get following an injury. Trapped wind can cause sharp stomach pains, while limb pain might simply be the result of a pulled muscle and even chest pains can be caused by a harmless condition called primordial catch syndrome.

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Hip Fracture

Jun 08,  · Sharp shooting pain all over the body is commonly associated with fibromyalgia. The cause of fibromyalgia is not known. Hormonal and chemical changes are believed to trigger a set of symptoms. Patient experiences pain in muscles all over the body.

Pain is the most unwelcome and unpleasant feeling or perception. It occurs as a consequence of variety of reasons such as a disease state, injury to nerves or even an emotional disorder. Even though it is unpleasant, pain acts as a defense for the body.

The impulse of pain is relayed to brain which then helps to minimize the harm to the diseased organ. It helps you to realize that something is wrong in your body. A diseased organ can trigger acute pain or chronic pain. It can be dull aching or sharp shooting depending on the cause. Sharp shooting pain is extremely agonizing for the patient. It can affect his day to day life.

Sharp pain can occur in different parts of body. For example you may suffer from sharp pain in abdomen due to gall stones or it can be due to chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia. Since pain is a sign and symptom of an underlying condition, to alleviate it you have to address the main cause that triggers it. Sharp pain can be alleviated with various means such as medicines, physical therapies, alternative home remedies, and sometimes surgery.

Sharp and shooting pain in different parts of body can occur due to many different reasons. The location of pain indicates the body part involved.

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