What does aa stand for associates degree

what does aa stand for associates degree

A.A. vs. A.S vs. A.A.S: Which Associate Degree Is Best for Me?

An AA, or Associate of Arts degree, is a way for students to continue their education beyond high school in a relatively short amount of time. The Associate in Arts (AA) degree is best suited for transfer to a four-year college for many majors. In addition, the AA degree provides the most flexibility for students that are undecided about a transfer college or major. The AA degree requires 45 credits of core (general education) coursework.

They are primarily offered by junior or community colleges and vocational schools. Some four-year colleges and universities also offer associate degrees. Occupational associate degrees are designed to help associated acquire specific knowledge and skills in preparation for a particular career path.

As occupational degrees are intended to prepare students to enter the career field immediately following graduation, they tend to be much more hands-on and skill-based than transfer degrees. How to check a magnetron degree programs still have several general education requirements, which include coursework in English, math, and communications. In contrast to occupational degrees which are very hands-on and skill development-driven, transfer associates degrees are more academic in nature and have a dgree focus on general education and liberal arts.

Transfer degrees are designed to prepare students to pursue a four-year dpes at a college or university. Courses offered in transfer degree programs include mathematics, writing, literature, science, and English.

Even though transfer degrees are not career oriented, many do allow students to pursue a specific major or awsociates of study. The two most common types of transfer associate degrees are the Associate of Arts AAa liberal arts degree, and the Associate of Science ASa liberal arts degree with a greater focus on math and stznd.

Unlike the AAS degree, which is primarily an occupational degree, the AA and AS degrees are traditional tracks for students looking to transfer to a four-year college upon graduation. Explore online associate degree programs. Most four-year colleges which are regionally accredited will only accept transfer credits from community colleges that are satnd accredited. Before enrolling in a program review your options with a college counselor. Earn Your Associate Degree Online.

See the 40 jobs that require an associate degree at minimum. See the best jobs for associate degree holders. The school you choose how to get a degree without going to school earn your associate degree can make all the difference in the world. Is the school regionally accredited? Most four-year colleges and universities are regionally accredited and will only accept adsociates credits from other regionally accredited institutions.

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Mar 26,  · A.A. degree is a common term for the Associate of Arts college degree. The A.A. degree is a two-year undergraduate academic degree offered by community colleges, junior colleges, vocational schools and technical colleges in the United States. The A.A. degree is granted to students who complete an academic program with 60 semester credit hours. Associate degrees, (the AA, AS, AAS, AAA degree) are undergraduate degrees that can be completed in two years and generally require students to complete 60 semester credit hours. They are primarily offered by junior or community colleges and vocational schools. Some four-year colleges and universities also offer associate degrees. Jul 16,  · Associate of Arts (AA) AA degrees cover liberal arts subjects, like humanities, sociology, communications, and English. Programs usually focus on general education to prepare for transfer into liberal arts bachelor's programs, but they also offer specialty concentration courses in areas like early childhood education, social work, or digital photography.

You may wonder, what are the advantages and disadvantages of earning an associate of arts degree AA versus an associate of science degree AS? There are likely more specific job opportunities for someone with an AS. An AA lays the groundwork for further education. The following looks at some of the significant details involved in earning either an AA or an AS. An associates degree can be a quick and more cost-effective path to a better paying career.

It is typically 60 credit hours. Students can take 15 credit hours per semester and complete the degree in four semesters. Related: Highest Paying Associates Degree. When a student studies for an associate of arts degree, he or she may be learning general studies about:. You will get many liberal arts classes in your AA program.

An individual can use what he or she learned in a variety of career fields including sales, restaurant management and education along with others.

It is common to get an associate of arts degree from a community college. Other schools that offer an AA include:. Someone who spends two years earning an associate of science degree may have more career options open after graduation.

Of course, if a registered nurse plans to progress in the career field, he or she will likely need to invest in more education. An AS degree focuses on careers in the math and sciences fields. There are other careers in the healthcare field that are open to people who have an associate of science degree. Some examples include:. Many will earn their associate of science degree from a community college.

However, these universities offer an AS degree:. Finally, the biggest difference between having an AA or an AS degree is that an associate of science degree can lead to more specific occupations while an AA degree may lead to jobs in a number of career fields.

A student must remember that the main purpose of getting an associate degree in either the arts or sciences is to continue on to earn a higher level of education. This gives students a deeper knowledge of the subject they want to study. If you are good at science and math, you might go the associates of science route. If you want a more general education to get a feel for what you might student later, an associate of arts would be the best choice.

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Which degree is better: AA or AS?

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