What does full fledged mean

what does full fledged mean


Full-fledged definition is - fully developed: total, complete. How to use full-fledged in a sentence. 1. Having reached full development; mature. 2. Having full status or rank: a full-fledged lawyer.

When you graduate from being an electrician in training to being licensed and able to work on your own, this is an example of when you are a full-fledged electrician.

After she passes the bar exam, she will be a full-fledged lawyer. Our furry friends have really graduated from mere pets to full-fledged family members how to sell credit cards in banking the last decade, and there are certainly a lot of retailers catering to upscale pet trends. Within fine arts, this etymological nuance has been elaborated into a full-fledged aesthetic distinction between the naked and the nude, a distinction shat famously articulated by Kenneth Clark.

Uniforms can be as simple as wearing a specific shirt style and color with a specified color of pants for an informal setting, to full-fledged uniforms that dress the doez from head to toe for a more formal atmosphere. Home Dictionary Meanings Full-fledged. Filters 0. The definition of full-fledged is complete or fully developed, or a bird with all its feathers. Having reached full development; mature.

Having full status or rank. Having fully developed adult plumage. Having a complete set of feathers. Completely developed or trained; of full rank or status. Having all the necessary features; thoroughgoing. Alternative spelling of full-fledged.

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full-fledged 1. Fully developed or accomplished in a particular area. Sean has really become a full-fledged athlete during his high school career, and I think it's something he'll continue in college. Something that's full-fledged is completely developed, or fully qualified. A full-fledged meal, as far as your mom's concerned, might include meat, potatoes, and a vegetable. The definition of full-fledged is complete or fully developed, or a bird with all its feathers. When you graduate from being an electrician in training to being licensed and able to work on your own, this is an example of when you are a full-fledged electrician.

Fine Dictionary. WordNet 3. In literature: In fact, she is now a full- fledged young lady and is dressed accordingly. They were full-fledged juniors, and they had to give up old Number 30, West Side, which they both loved, to incoming freshies. Putting aside all bashfulness, General Buonaparte became a full-fledged society man and a beau.

Right here was begun what led up to my ultimately becoming a full-fledged secret service operator. Bud sat into the chair for the first time with the responsibility of a full-fledged despatcher. Yet we have to-day a full-fledged science which does deal with these mental processes. A full-fledged gun cannot endure The trifling of an amateur; Poor marksmanship its temper spoils And this is why the gun recoils. We strive with time at wrestling Till time be on our side And hope, our plumeless nestling, A full-fledged eaglet ride Down the loud length of storm its windward wings divide.

Jonathan first mentioned it in his Chapter Book Newbery post, and then made a full-fledged pitch for it. Janet Cody, Old Lyme, a volunteer puppy raiser for Guiding Eyes for the Blind, is celebrating her puppy's graduation as a full-fledged guide dog.

A new song that Vampire Weekend previewed over the summer in Cleveland now has a title and a full-fledged TV studio recording. Songs from Scratch examines the songwriting process to find out what it takes to transform a vague idea into a full-fledged tune.

Now that Art Murmur has become a full-fledged cultural phenomenon, there is more to see than ever. How close are we to 3-D printing emerging from its hobbyist, DIY roots and becoming a full-fledged manufacturing revolution. After doing the overeating thing over the holidays, I just couldn't face doing a full-fledged dinner review this week. After decades of neglect and disrepair, the 16th Street Plaza District is in the midst of a full-fledged resurgence.

But when my daughter declared she wanted an "authentic" college experience, complete with pledging , I gave her my full-fledged support. It's very rare for a full-fledged comedy to be so loaded with so many characters that are impossible to root for. Some were full-fledged products with price tags, others simply way-out science experiments. The third time's not the charm for " Sanctuary ," a one-time web series now a full-fledged Syfy hit. In the last couple of years, SOFIA has transitioned from a project in development into a full-fledged astronomical observatory.

It is now producing exciting world-class science, only a few of which have been highlighted in this article. Synonyms fully fledged ,.

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