What does pf and pa mean in nfl standings

what does pf and pa mean in nfl standings

What do PF and PA mean on the NFL standings charts? And a Hockey Question...

PF = Points For. PA = Points Against. So if MIA beat NE won 48 to 10 (only in my dreams) Miami has 48 PF and 10 PA. New England on the other hand has 10 PF and 48 PA. Nov 18,  · PF =Points For (Points Your Team Scored) PA = Points Against (Points your Team Allowed other team to Score).

There will be no changes to other Yahoo properties or services, or your Yahoo account. You can find more information about the Yahoo Answers shutdown and how to download your data on this help page. Points For, which is the number of points a team has scored in a season, and Points Against, which is the number of points scored against a team in a season.

PF and PA are clearly included there so they do not apply, solely, to fantasy football. Those aren't used in real American football. Those are stats used in Fantasy Football. In Fantasy Football, you put together a theoretical team of real player and use each of those player's stats to calculate how well your team performs. Points For how many points the team has scored and Points Against How many points opposing teams have scored against them.

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Points For and Points Against are in every stat-line in football in America. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

How to read NFL Standings

Sep 15,  · What do PF and PA mean on the NFL standings charts? NFL Standings What do the PF and PA columns mean? And why do they have the Division column? For any team in the AFC that column will always be the same as the AFC column, and likewise for NFC/NFC column, will it not? What the heck do you need it for? Ralli's got a hockey question in the 3rd post. lol are you serious. w=wins. l=losses. pct=winning percentage. pf=points scored for. pa=points scored against. Follow. Follow. Unfollow. PF - Points For or Points Scored PA - Points Against or Points Allowed The Points For (PF) is a great tool for smarter wagers with online football betting and it shows you which teams score the most points while the Points Against (PA) can determine the strength or weakness of a team. While the likedatingus.com NFL Standings doesn't show the Point Differential, it's a great technique in when .

Asked by Wiki User. Points Against how many points their opponents have scored against them during the season , and Points For how many points the team itself has scored during the season. PF means Points For. PA means Points Against. PF means Points For: how many points a team has scored.

PA means Points Against: how many points a team has allowed by the other team. Youll also see PA which is Points Against! Points For?? TO only stands for turnover. Points For, the cumulative number of points scored by a team for the season. PA, is Points Against, the cumulative number of points scored against a team for the season. In basketball stats, PF means "Personal Foul". PF also means "Power Forward", a position on a basketball team.

Points for. AKA it is how many more points a team has scored than they have let up. If you see it listed next to PA then it means Points For. In that case, Personal Fouls will be listed as F, or Fouls. Personal Foul. Paul Frank. PF and PA are simply abreviations for points forced and points allowed, respectively. They are also known as points for and points against. Both are calculated by simply adding up the sum of all the points scored in either a single game or a season.

The PF is the total sum of all points scored by the team being analyzed. The PA is all of the points scored against said team by their opponent s. Personal foul. If your asking where you can get the game, you can get it at best buy or walmart. But, what is Soba and what does pf mean? Ask Question. Football - American. Letters Notes and Memos. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered Related Questions. What does PF and PA in football standings mean?

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What does net points means in NFL? How can you say PF in the stats of basketball stands for personal fouls when it is always compared with PA which is Points Allowed? What does PF mean? What PF mean? How pf and pa calculated in football? What does pf mean in baseball?

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