What does the royal artillery do

what does the royal artillery do

List of equipment of the British Army

The Royal Artillery provides firepower to the British Army. We are responsible for finding the enemy using a variety of high-tech equipment and then, when we need to, striking them using everything from explosive shells to advanced precision rockets. 10 rows · The L Light Gun is used by four field artillery regiments: 3rd Regiment Royal Horse Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins.

The Royal Artillery comprises both Regular full-time and Reserve part-time units and was originally formed in in Woolwich, in South-East London, which remained the Regimental home for almost years.

The Royal Artillery is unique in the British Army because of the emphasis they have always placed on their sub-units: the batteries.

Batteries can deploy independently, move around between regiments and even perform different roles to one another within a single regiment.

The Royal Artillery provides the battlefield fire support and air defence for the British Army in the field. The various regiments are equipped for conventional fire-support using field guns, for area and point air defence using air defence missiles and for specialised artillery locating tasks. Although all recruits are initially trained as Gunner Crewmen, the Royal Artillery has a number of trades that personnel can join such as:.

Established init is located at Larkhill artillry Wiltshire, on the south edge of Salisbury Plain in the United Kingdom. The School is the primary training facility for Royal Artillery recruits with three instructional branches, and is how to fill out 20 hour driving log home to the Gunnery Training Team. Administration and firing support is provided by 14 Regiment, which also contains the initial special-to-arm training battery — 24 Battery.

Training at Larkhill covers the complete spectrum of artillery equipment and includes both technical and tactical training. Larkhill is also responsible for several courses for all three Services. The Staff of the School is made up of instructors from the Royal Artillery, other Arms and Corps of the British Doe and what does the royal artillery do overseas artillery instructors, for example Australian, Canadian and American.

The Strike Integrate Branch is a world leader in the delivery of carefully focused training in surveillance and target acquisition, the targeting process and the tactical handling of field artillery. The Find-Protect Branch delivers the essential training requirements to the Royal Artillery, training for the following: Manoeuvre, Guns and arrillery, Field, Surface to Aritllery and their respective Gunnery Careers elements.

The ACS Branch provides both officers and soldiers of the Royal Artillery with the skills that they need to exploit the benefits of the communication and information systems that are available on the contemporary battlefield. The role of 1st Battery is to provide support training delivered mainly to The Royal Artillery in the form of equipment and manpower.

The Battery is therefore unique, in that it is equipped with the full range of weapons systems and target acquisition equipment that the Royal Artillery has in service today. There are three sections within Weapons Troop, consisting of:.

Although 1st Battery strength is similar to most troops, it has far more equipment than most Batteries. Current equipment strengths include:. The role of 24 Irish Battery is to continue the training of soldiers following aftillery successful completion of Phase One training. The aim of 24 Irish Battery is to provide the Field Army with soldiers who are qualified, confident, fit, motivated and wht in all respects to join their Regiment.

Therefore, the role of 24 Irish Battery is to supply the Field Army with professionally trained individuals through its Trade Training in the following areas:. Under the Battery HQ element there are two main areas. Presently, Seringapatam Battery operates as the lone firing Battery within 14 Regiment. Personnel for the Aartillery are drawn from across the Royal Artillery. Equipment currently used by the Battery includes:. At the start of this course trainees will be taught about each part of the Royal Artillery, and once fully informed, trainees get to choose which part of the Artillefy Artillery they wish to serve in, subject to the demands of the Service.

Trainees will then spend three months learning how to become a Troop Command in this field. On completion of the course trainees will be posted to what antibiotics treat lymes disease first Regiment, and life as a Troop Commander begins. During Phase 2 intensive training is given in gunnery, air defence, surveillance or signals, training used to be generic. Training lasts around 3 months, and training continues in the evenings and 1 in 2 weekends apparently.

The first 3 weeks include military training, playing sport and adventure training. The next phase will see trainees undergo driver training on a variety of different vehicles:.

Telecommunications awards up to HNC Level 4 — Foundation degree are offered to the Command, Communication and Fire Control trades; Level 3 awards how to remove man boob offered to those in the stores and driving trades; and relevant specialist waht are available for the Unmanned Air Vehicle drone and mounted equestrian Units.

After Phase 2 vo officers and gunners will be posted to RA units worldwide, but almost all of them will return to the RSA for frequent career and Phase 3 employment courses. Courses include:. Do you have to do the driver how to get to mt baw baw in phase 2 as i want to go in as a special gunfire observer or gunfire observer. I used to be a instructor at Phase 2 training in 24 Irish Bty. John my daughter currently going through phase 2 training and she has just dipped her driving theory test by a couple of points.

Is that likely to significantly add to her time on phase 2? She has just started the 3 week communications course and will then do a weeks exercise before doing her driving again. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

We provide advice, guidance, support, and information how to cancel world ventures membership a wide range of military- and fitness-related topics. Website Breadcrumbs Home. Military Training. Armed Forces of the United Kingdom. Last Updated: 01 March, 1. Gunner TUAS : launch, control and recover pilot-less dos vehicles. The versatile Light Gun is what does the royal artillery do by helicopter, landing craft, parachuted or towed on to the battlefield.

The Rapier guided Air Defence system can engage two targets simultaneously. Part of a tight knit six man team, working on the front line embedded in an infantry or armoured manoeuvre unit. Gunner ACS : Operate and maintain the latest high tech computer and radio equipment to ensure that voice and data messages are passed across the battlefield.

Gunner Logistics : Artillery Logisticians store, account for and re-supply Artillery units in battle with fuel, ammunition, food and water. Gunner Sound Ranger : Working as part of a small team using state of the art acoustic and computer equipment to locate the enemy, missiles, mortars and guns. Further information can be found DIN: DIN, a useful reference document for potential direct entry recruits.

Figure 1 : Royal Artillery training landscape 3. The next phase will see trainees undergo driver training on a variety of different vehicles: Category B License i. Courses include: Information technology; Learning and development; Logistics; Horse care; and Leadership and management. Share this: Tweet. Like this: Like Loading Hi PK, Yes, you are required to complete driver training. Hi John, Any up to date info would be appreciated, thanks. What regiment within the Royal Artillery is the Artillery Observer in?

What does Phase 2 training for the Royal Artillery consist of specifically? Hi Kassandra, I have updated the page, which should provide a better insight into the training. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. This site uses cookies: Find out whst. Okay, thank you.

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The Royal Artillery or 'Gunners' are at the heart of the action, finding and striking the enemy where it counts and providing the British Army with its firepower. We locate enemy positions using high-tech aerial surveillance systems, thermal imaging sights and radars, then attack the enemy using guns, mortars, precision rockets and aircraft. The Royal Artillery provides the battlefield fire support and air defence for the British Army in the field. The various regiments are equipped for conventional fire-support using field guns, for area and point air defence using air defence missiles and for specialised artillery locating likedatingus.com: Sep 01,  · General Great War Discussion. Other Great War Chat. Drivers, Royal Field Artillery, Roles & Responsibilities. Remembered Today: Lieutenant Colonel Godfrey William V. HOLDICH D S O Royal Garrison Artillery who died 13/04/ MEERUT CANTONMENT CEMETERY India.

I can't answer this for you but I am looking forward to the answers back from our experts. My grandfather was a driver in the RFA and it will be interesting to see.

Care of the horses, the harness and the wagons, including keeping them stocked with ammunition, was pretty much a full-time job. They would also have assisted with the normal "housekeeping" tasks of the battery.

It would be a mistake to assume that once "the line went static" the guns did too. They would need to be capable of being moved at immediate notice in case a battery's position was located by the enemy and shelled - which happened quite often - and in order to make maximum use of the guns they had, they could not be left idle for long periods, so might be used in support of other units. Up to the end of it was not uncommon for a division to leave its artillery in the line when its infantry had been withdrawn to rest, a procedure which gave the RFA little relief and led to the creation of Army Brigades RFA at the beginning of You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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