What is the best color of iphone 5s

what is the best color of iphone 5s

Colorful choices: which color should I buy for the iPhone 5s?

Sep 13,  · The gold iPhone 5s. The gold version is the most profoundly different color option for the iPhone 5s. Some may shake their heads at the bling and the tackiness of the gold color, but admit, many of secretly like. Look at it long enough and it might start to grow on you. The gold version has a matching white front plate and white trim on the back. It’s more or less the white iPhone with a gold accent. Basically iPhone 5s has three colors including. 1. The Gold iPhone 5s. After launching the gold version or gold color of the iPhone the demand of the iphone becomes very high. The Gold Version iss probably the most different color for the iPhone 5s.

The iPhone 5S and 5C arrived last month to a record-smashing first weekend of sales - 9 million were soldwith the iPhone 5S proving more popular than the less-expensive 5C.

I was among those waiting in line for the new iPhone before dawn on Sept. As a technology writer, getting the more expensive 5S made sense for me. But is the new iPhone 5S worth it for the less tech-centric? Let's look at that question using logic and context: If your wireless carrier contract is up and you are looking for a new phone, then yes, the iPhone 5S is worth owning. With the addition of Apple's new fingerprint sensor called Touch ID, the phone's new bit A7 processor, a refined camera system and the M7 coprocessor, the iPhone 5S's cutting-edge features match its still-sharp design.

Like last year's iPhone 5the new 5S sports a glass front and aluminum back, weighing in at a svelte 3. And like the iPhone 5, the 5S has a 4-in. In other words, aside from the three color schemes offered this year - Space Gray, Silver and Gold -- the 5S looks virtually identical to the old iPhone 5. The Space Gray is a lighter version of last year's black iPhone, the Silver version looks pretty much like the old white model - with the addition of the silver Touch ID ring - and the Gold iPhone 5S is more of a champagne color.

It's what is the best color of iphone 5s much less gaudy than many Apple fans feared when it was unveiled, and it has proved to be a popular option. Two weeks after launch, all iPhone 5S models -- especially gold -- are still hard to come by. Those prices require a two-year contract with your wireless carrier.

In addition to the new plastic shell, the 5C has an upgraded battery and camera system, though the camera isn't as full-featured as the one in the 5S.

The most obvious new feature of the iPhone 5S is the new Touch ID fingerprint sensor, which is ingeniously built into the Home button and allows you to easily unlock the phone using your fingertip. Far from just a superfluous addition, this new feature has already prompted me to change my security habits.

The software walks you through the setup process, which involves tapping and holding the Home button several times as the phone scans your fingerprint. The iPhone vibrates every time your print is scanned. An onscreen fingerprint graphic fills in as the print is read.

You can authorize up to five fingers -- either yours or people you trust -- but you are required to have a passcode as a fallback. The passcode can be a four-digit number or something more complicated if you want better security. It's important to note that your fingerprint information does not leave your phone and is never accessible to anything except the Touch ID sensor.

The encrypted fingerprint data is stored, according to Apple, on a secure enclave in the custom A7 processor. It took a little while for me to get used to Touch ID, as I've been swiping to unlock my phone how to run a daycare centre years.

Now all I do is hold a thumb or finger on the Home button while Touch ID invisibly reads my fingerprint. After depressing the Home button to turn on the display, the print is recognized, the Lock Screen is automatically bypassed, and the Home screen icons swoop into view. Compared to swiping the screen to unlock and entering a passcode, Touch ID feels like telepathy.

The system on facebook what does pm mean very well, and none of my friends who've tried to fool the sensor with their own fingerprints were successful.

I've had an attempt or two where my finger wasn't recognized on the first pass, but when that happened I just had to reposition my finger. If for some reason the sensor misses three times in a row you can tap in your passcode to unlock the phone.

Touch ID has made me more security conscious, mostly because being secure is now super-convenient. I now have my iPhone require a fingerprint or passcode immediately upon lock, and the passcode is more than 20 digits long. I also changed my iCloud password to a digit pass phrase. If you reboot the 5S, or if you haven't used the phone in 48 hours, you have to enter password before you can use Touch ID again.

To sum up: With Touch ID, I can unlock my phone and authorize purchases using just my fingertip, I don't have to type in a long pass phrase each time, and because I now have a longer pass phrase -- made practical because I don't have to enter it very often -- my phone is as secure as it has ever been.

If Touch ID is the most obvious change externally, the biggest change internally is the new A7 processor. It's a dual-core chip that's up to twice as fast as the A6 used in the iPhone 5, according to Apple. And it's bitwhich means it works very well what is an adjunct faculty position combination with iOS 7which is now a bit OS.

The built-in apps in iOS 7 are also bit. But there aren't a lot of third-party apps yet that have been reworked to take advantage of the A7 processor. As more such apps become available, iPhone 5S users should notice speed improvements. Even without bit apps, performance gains are noticeable in daily use, even in simple things like browsing the operating system.

There's a fluid smoothness to the way apps launch, emails are deleted and animations are displayed that's not as obvious when using iOS 7 on older devices. The faster architecture is put to good use by the updated Camera app.

The A7 chip features a signal processor, which results in performance gains that outclass the iPhone 5 itself, no slouch. Autofocusing is faster, and the new hardware allows for burst mode, which lets the iPhone capture 10 photos per second when the shutter is depressed.

The Camera app then processes each photo and suggests which photos in the burst are the best ones, although you can view all of them and decide for yourself. The 5S also comes with better auto stabilization, taking four short-exposure shots, combining these shots to make one, good picture.

My own results in low-light situations look better less noise, better color matching than shots taken under the same conditions with the iPhone 5. This photo of the sunrise over Haines City, Fla. This is impressive, considering the technical specs are similar: The iPhone 5S has an 8MP rear-facing camera, just like the iPhone 5. For truly low-light situations, Apple has a new feature called True Tone flash.

This combines a white LED with an amber LED, allowing the two flashes to act in concert to what should 12 month old be eating better, more accurate colors while minimizing the washed-out effect inherent to flash photography.

The iPhone 5S also allows you to shoot slow-motion video frames per second at p resolution. Applying the slow-motion effect is easy. After you shoot the video, a timeline showing the frames appears at the top of the screen.

You use grab handles to indicate where the slow-motion part of the video starts and stops. Video shot in this mode export at normal speed when transferred to a computer using USB. But if you import the video into something like Final Cut Pro or iMovie, you can use the slow-motion features in either program to provide the effect.

The extra frames needed for slow motion are still there. It's also now possible to zoom in up to 3x while the video is being taken. It's a digital zoom, but that might be okay in a pinch. Overall, the 5S takes better pictures than its predecessor.

I was in the passenger seat of a friend's car and was able to capture a sunset just by holding down the shutter, giving me several good shots I'd have missed if I had to continuously depress the shutter. I'm a sucker for sunrise and sunset pics and the shots taken with the iPhone 5S show less noise compared to the iPhone 5; in addition, the colors are more accurate. In situations where flash is needed, the dual-tone flash does offer better skin-tone matching, but it often causes red-eye.

That's acceptable to me because it's easy to edit red-eye out with the built-in software. You do so by tapping the Edit button in the upper right corner of the screen, then tapping the redeye reduction button. Pinch to zoom in on the face, and tap the area around the eye. The software is smart enough to figure out what you mean. Another new feature is the M7 chipwhich is designed to process and record motion activity without taxing the A7.

Recent iPhones have had an accelerometer, gyroscope and compass, but those models relied on the main processor, which isn't as efficient as offloading data onto a dedicated chipset.

That makes the M7 great for fitness apps, as they don't have to run in the background eating away at battery life. Instead, they can just access the data collected by the M7. The Argus app uses the M7 motion coprocessor to calculate how many steps you've taken -- without cutting into how to make a cat door iPhone's battery life. The M7 isn't only for fitness apps; for instance, the built-in Maps app uses it to track whether or not you're in your car driving.

How to pack a bike in a travel case you park and hoof it, the M7 chip notes the change and Maps delivers walking directions to compensate. Apple offers another example of the M7 in action : your phone hasn't been moved for a while, the iPhone figures you're either busy or asleep, and reduces background network activity to conserve battery life.

To test the M7 chip, I downloaded an app called Argus. After giving the app permission to use the M7, Argus began recording how many steps I had taken, starting back a few days prior to the app install. The M7 can store seven days worth of data, giving apps that take advantage of it some historical data -- even before you start using it. With the M7, however, Argus no longer needs to be running to keep track of movement -- all of that data is tracked by the M7.

As a result, Argus no longer uses up extra battery power while running in the background and the stated battery life from Apple -- 10 hours of 3G talk time, hours of standby -- remains intact.

When I reviewed the very first iPhone inI called it tomorrow's technology today. Apple has spent every year since making the iPhone better, incorporating features that are actually used and not throwaway additions to a feature list. Aesthetically, I have always loved the iPhone's design. That hasn't changed with this model, and, though I initially wanted the Silver model, the Space Gray -- with its glass front framed by the lighter gray aluminum - is the one I'll be keeping. To me, it looks like a tiny monolith from A Space Odyssey.

In fact, the lighter aluminum framing the Space Gray model delivers what I think is the best of the iPhone 5 and 4S designs. However, the main problem with the iPhone is also the reason it looks amazing: its aluminum design.

Sure, it makes the phone look and feel great, with its sturdy construction and quality materials; out of the box, there isn't a more elegant looking phone. However, after some time getting knocked about in a pocket, the coated aluminum can be what is the best color of iphone 5s, leaving ugly scratch marks.

As for battery life, I've found the iPhone 5S' battery life is roughly on par with the iPhone 5. Yes, the 5S has a larger capacity battery, but the phone also has new hardware that needs more juice. The result is that the 5S gains speed and processing power without losing any significant battery life.

Clearly, the iPhone 5S is an improvement over the iPhone 5 in every facet. After growing accustomed to the picture quality taken by the 5S, I'd rather use its camera with dual-tone flash and slow-motion video. After a year with the reliable iPhone 5, I prefer the iPhone 5S because the 5S improves an already great experience.

If you're due for a phone upgrade, this phone is highly recommended.

Sep 10,  · The iPhone 5s has been announced, and we've got three color options to choose from. Silver, Gold and a new 'Space Gray' color. All are very sharp (at least in my opinion), but I'm only one guy. I want to know what YOU think! If you could only choose ONE color variant, which one would you go for? Vote in the poll above and sound off below! Sep 14,  · And for the black version, it's a blackout affair, which the aluminum anodized as dark as the glass. Technically Apple is calling the iPhone 5 color options Black & Slate and White & Silver. So while you still have only two choices of iPhone color, with the iPhone 5 those choices are more extreme than ever before. The iPhone 5S in Space Gray. When I first got my iPhone 5S, I tested Infinity Blade 3 and the Night Sky 2 app, both of which were compiled for bit and loaded twice as fast.

For the first time in the history of the iPhone, customers can choose a color other than just black or white for their iPhone 5s. Now, new iPhone owners can choose from a space gray, gold and silver.

The colors are not as bright as the iPhone 5c, which may make it a bit harder to choose between the three. Read on as we walk you through each color option and help you decide. It took Apple a while to get the white color right on the iPhone. After a delayed launch, Apple admitted that it was having manufacturing problems. When the white iPhone 4 finally launched, some customers claimed their device had a yellowish tint, while most said their handsets start off a crisp, bright white and stayed that way.

That was then and this is now, and now Apple has ironed out most, if not all, the kinks. The white iPhone 4S and the white iPhone 5 have been plagued by minimal discoloration problems and we expect the same trouble-free experience with the iPhone 5s. The gold version is the most profoundly different color option for the iPhone 5s. Some may shake their heads at the bling and the tackiness of the gold color, but admit, many of secretly like. Look at it long enough and it might start to grow on you.

The gold version has a matching white front plate and white trim on the back. The silver iPhone 5s is the same color as a white iPhone, but now it has a snazzy silver name to complement the gold version.

Like the gold version, the silver has a white front plate and white trim on the back. The backplate is a silver colored aluminum that contrasts nicely with the white. The front has a sold black faceplate, while the back is grey anodized aluminum with black trim. As shown in this tweet , the space gray is not as dark as the slate iPhone 5. The Two-tone black backing gives it a sleek look. The dark color helps to hide the dirt, but it may show off scratches a bit more than its white brethren.

Before you start dissing the black for its scratches, remember that the darker casing is better for media.

Folks who enjoy watching movies on their phone. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses. Just pick the one that catches your eye and move on. If you grow weary of the shade you selected, get a case to mix things up. If you are getting an iPhone 5s , which color are you going to pick? Sign up for our iPhoneHacks Daily newsletter to get the top Apple news stories delivered to your inbox. Designed by Blog Consulting. The discoloration issue It took Apple a while to get the white color right on the iPhone.

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