What jobs are available with an environmental science degree

what jobs are available with an environmental science degree

What can I do with a degree in Environmental Studies?

20 Jobs You Can Pursue with an Environmental Science Degree 1. Environmental specialist National average salary: $28, per year Primary duties: These professionals are 2. Environmental technician National average salary: $34, per year Primary duties: Environmental technicians work to 3. Sep 27,  · Typically, jobs for environmental science degree-holders focus on preventing environmental pollution, preserving natural resources or assisting communities that are harmed by pollution, experts likedatingus.com: Ilana Kowarski.

These jobs are fascinating, exciting, and important while also offering competitive salaries. If you have a degree in environmental science, you need to find a career that fits your skillset and allows you to use your education productively.

It integrates qith, biological, as well as information sciences including physics, math, chemistry, botany, zoology, geology, mineralogy, oceanography, soil science, atmospheric science, and ecology. This wide range of fields makes it easy for environmental science majors to find worthwhile career opportunities. Environmental science jobs require a specific degree and specialization.

Some of the careers available to avaiable science majors are:. Apart from title distinguishing we also provide the complete in-depth knowledge on these job roles. Have a look. An environmental availab,e uses his technical knowledge for nature conservation. His engineering technology principles apply to various how to get a strike on wii bowling every time in order to come up with solutions for all environmental problems.

Over the next ten years, this specific industry is projected to grow by 4 percent across the US. Environmental scientists identify environmental threats on Earth. After thorough research, they advise government officials regarding hazards and suggest possible solutions.

This is witg good environmental science job for traditional students looking to put their degree to good use. For these kinds of scienc science jobs, recruiters require a post-graduate degree in environmental science. Over the next 10 years, this specific industry is projected to grow 7 percent. An environmental consultant is one of the highest paying and most socially respected aer in this field.

An environmental consultant addresses the environmental problems in various industries food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and more while also researching enviironmental and generating reports based on all of their findings.

A hydrologist is someone who examines the water and the recycling of water for further uses. They use multiple techniques to save water and reduce waste. They analyze the habits of animals and how human behavior affects their lifecycle. They also study animal habitats and how they benefit the environment. All these are related to environmental studies and help environmental conditions. Hopefully, this shortlist of the best entry-level jobs for environmental science majors gave you a good idea of what is available in the current job market.

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Careers with an Environmental Science Degree

Undergraduate environmental science degree programs serve as great preparation for a variety of interesting and fulfilling careers, both related to the field, and outside of it. These careers range from geology to forestry, community outreach to research, environmental management to eco-tourism, and everything in between! Salary Comparison Tool. Acoustical Engineer. Acoustical Engineers operating in an area of engineering primarily concerned with sound. They will be involved in the design and Aerospace Engineer. Analytical Chemist. Animal Psychologist. Anthropologist. 10, Environmental Science jobs available on likedatingus.com Apply to Environmental Scientist, Environmental Specialist, Protection Specialist and more!

Environmental Studies at UNO prepares students for careers in a wide range of fields by combining interdisciplinary training in the multiple fields that make up environmental studies, with in-depth training in one of the technical disciplines that are central to finding solutions to environmental problems.

Where can I find more information? What are my options? I know what kind of job I want once I graduate. Will a degree in Environmental Studies prepare me for that job? What is the outlook for the career I am interested in? What type of education and experience do I need for a career in environmental science and conservation? I am ready to start my search. How do I find an internship or job? Careers related to environmental studies are incredibly diverse and it can be a challenge to focus in on one or a few areas.

Once enrolled in the Environmental Studies Program you will get a better idea of what careers are available. Our seminar class for beginning students, ENVN Environmental Problems and Solutions, is designed to begin introducing you to the people at UNO and in the surrounding community who work in this field. A required internship helps students to further explore career options that are open to them.

There are several good resources to help you start exploring possible careers within environmental studies. A degree in Environmental Studies from UNO can also help prepare you for careers in the emerging field of Sustainability.

The American Institute of Biological Sciences has a good overview of careers for students interested in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Life Sciences. The My Next Move site provides lists of careers related to the sciences in general and includes jobs that might be of interest to majors in Environmental Studies. For some fields, careers are divided between entry level jobs technicians and jobs requiring additional training and experience specialists.

Careers in the environmental field include:. You can also use a degree in Environmental Studies from UNO to help prepare you for careers in related fields including:. The Guide to Green Careers provides a good overview of the growing area of interest.

The My Next Move site is a good place to start exploring jobs that are changing to incorporate more aspects of environmental sustainability. For example, as more businesses start to look for ways to become more environmentally sustainable, the demand for people trained in both business and environmental fields Sustainability Specialists is expected to grow.

A degree in Environmental Studies from UNO can also help prepare you for careers in the emerging field of sustainability. A good starting point for deciding if Environmental Studies is an appropriate major for the career you are interested in is to compare the training you will receive as a UNO Environmental Studies Major with the education requirements for entry level jobs in your field of interest. In most cases the courses you take matter more than the name of you major.

Office of Personnel Management. While these standards apply specifically to jobs with the Federal Government, requirements for other employers will usually be similar to what are listed here. Jobs in the environmental field cover a broad range of activities so you may need additional courses or experience to qualify for the job you want.

Start the process early and develop a plan for meeting the qualifications of the career you want. Notice that most of these careers list examples of multiple majors but the emphasis is on the range of courses and credits required. Some of these careers would require additional coursework beyond what is required for the Environmental Studies major.

Because environmental studies covers such a broad range of careers there is no single answer to that question. The employment market will vary depending on where you are interested in living and on the specifics of each job. Some careers are very competitive and may require relocating, extensive experience, or graduate degree. One place to start are the occupation profiles at the Americanjobcenter website, sponsored by the U.

Department of Labor. These profiles provide information about salaries and the number of job openings, both for the country as a whole and for individual states.

Environmental Scientists and Specialists jobs that require experience or advanced training. Conservation Scientists. Chemical Technicians. These profiles can give you a valuable overview of the current and expected job market for these general fields.

Spending time on sites such as usajobs. What can I do with a degree in Environmental Studies? Frequently Asked Questions. Examples include: Environmental Science and Protection Technicians entry-level jobs Environmental Scientists and Specialists jobs that require experience or advanced training Conservation Scientists Geographers Chemical Technicians Geoscientists Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists These profiles can give you a valuable overview of the current and expected job market for these general fields.

Return to the list of questions at the top of the page. Environmental Engineering Technicians. City and Regional Planning Aides. Environmental Restoration Planners. Geographic Information Systems Technician. Geospatial Information Scientists and Technologists. Geological Sample Test Technician.

Environmental Health Technician. Biological Science Technician. Community Planning. Fish Biology. Wildlife Biology. Industrial Hygiene. Cartographic Technician. Environmental Science and Protection Technicians entry-level jobs. Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists.

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