What photoshop does pewdiepie use for fabulizer

what photoshop does pewdiepie use for fabulizer

What photo editor does Pewdiepie use?

dream viewer. after effects etc. you want software which is pewdiepie used in his fabulizer video. so i just watch his video and found that he is using adobe photoshop creativecloud. here is snapshot. likedatingus.com you can buy from here or can use 30 days free trial. likedatingus.com The Fabulizer is a PewDiePie series, where Felix photoshops, or "fabulizes" celebrities, often thinking of ridiculous ideas for Photoshop, such as the three faced Nicholas Cage, the bearded Justin Bieber, the full mouthed Jim Carrey, the girl face Tom Cruise, and finally, the Miley Cyrus Satan chicken. 1. PHOTOSHOP CELEBRITIES (The Fabulizer) #1 In this episode Pewds "fabulize" Barack Obama.

Hey, this is an unofficial fanmade pewdiepie subreddit. Click this for more info. Join the Chatroom: Click Here. Fan Art. White Whale. The Fabulizer 1 youtube. I'm curious what you think of these type of videos : Was fun to shoot, gotta love photoshop! And besides, he can barely keep up with that as it is haha give the guy a break :.

I wouldn't do it too much, though. Maybe once every couple of weeks? Don't want the novelty to wear off too quickly. Edit: It's also worth mentioning that usually your better videos are the ones where you are enjoying what you're doing instead of just doing what people want.

I agree, It's pretty obvious to tell when you're having fun with your videos and when you're giving into what people want to see you how to create a filesystem in linux It's way funnier when you're into it! As for the Photoshop, you keep it coming and I'll keep on laughing! You should definitely keep doing them. Not every week, but whenever "inspiration" strikes.

Buddy, I'm at 56 seconds and I'm already crying with laughter, this is a fantastic way to reinvent yourself. And in case you how to get internet everywhere this comment, I'd like you to know that your simple statement "If Pewds can do it" has probably changed the course of my future because you helped me realise that YouTube is the place for me "job" wise.

This was great and reminded me of a long time what time mega millions results. You have a very strange sense of humor that never dies. That is a good thing. I kind of want them to live on my channel, but we're trying to figure out a lot of stuff :P They will come eventually. It was fun i would definetly watch more of it.

I didn't knew that you are so good with Photoshop :O keep it up and oh could you do Oprah Winfrey please i know you want it.

For the next one if you do it you should fabulize yourself. He can't, and I'll tell you the reason: He can't be more fabulous than he actually is, it would be like an overload of fabulousness.

I think this type of videos every one in a while are great, they really bring a fresh air to the channel. Pewdie, you should be a teacher for photoshop. Really, I'm trying to get into digital art to go with my web development skills I can HTML it, but it'll be plain and boring with the art and really don't know how to do it properly of course I'm just using Gimp, not a professional tool too. Yet you photoshopped those pics and made them look fab.

Couldn't stop laughing : You should make more from time to time! This was amazing Pewds, laughed my ass off! Your thumbnails are always incredible so it's fun to see how you make them.

And as everyone else is saying, when you're having fun, the people who are watching have fun aswell! Keep it up! That way, the bros will vote up the questions that they all want answered, and the questions that deserve to be answered :. This video was hilarious,can't wait for the next one. I found this one really fun to watch and interesting. Kinda different from the usual gameplay videos; I liked it.

Hey pewds. Are you going to do more GTA V videos of you just screwing around? Also,are you going to play The Walking Dead Season 2? And sorry for being a nagger,but also The Wolf Among Us episode 2?

Awesome video,as always. Finally got revenge on Smosh. Marzia should also rate your fabulous works! This could be start of an awesome series every monday maybe? It's a good change of pace from all your gaming.

Photoshopping is so fun! Pewds: if you can, please, do how to calculate your utility bill video talking about swedish culture, places, food, etc. I really want to know more about sweden :D. PD: i'm Guatemalan. PD2: this is the first time that i actually have the opportunity to share some ideas and try to contact with you!!

When does it come out by the way? I know I won't play it but I really want to see Pewds doing it :p. What is in corned beef spices I remember correctly, it's supposed to come out near the end of November, but I can't remember I'm curious to know when they're gonna release another episode of Wolf Among Us.

Felix, I would like to ask a question about Oculus Rift. What would you rate it because I'm thinking about getting it! Wait for the consumer version, it's gonna be less expensive and the video quality will be higher! I think you should photoshop Yourself lol. Hi Pewds : I really enojoyed this video and laughed a lot. I would really like to see more of these kinds of videos, but not too many so that it gets old. Pewds please use the blacklisting service. YouTube has given you the features and ability to use the comment system, so just try this and see how it works!

I honestly think this is better then youtube :D you get input from pewdiepie from every single one of his videos, although it is temp, its still very cool and it makes pewds even closer to the bro's. Thank you pewds for putting this up and showing how much you care about the bro's.

You could have just waited tell the comments where fixed but you decided to put this up. You really deserve every single subscriber you have and more :D. Awesome video. You really are my favourite youtubers pewds. After all these subs and you didn't get worse on attitude on content only funnier.

Did I see Bodil40? Nah, it can't have been. Nope it was omg ermehgerd :D. Awesome Video. Didnt know you have these skills on Photoshop. You should propably do more of these kind of videos :D. You should do more of these like make a mini series out of it But yeah, please do more of these, i lost it when dr phil's face came in :L.

Pewds, what do you think of Photoshop CC? Hey Pewds - Really loved the video - you are really good at photoshop and it was very entertaining - please continue this series! I love this Photoshop is the best thing ever seeing ur crazy mind at work always makes my day XD. I LOVE your imagination skills. It's really fun to watch. Btw, was that like the "real" not sure what word to use here haha ariana grande who commented on your post? I love these videos, they make me laugh and they make you laugh, which is the best!

When I can tell you're having fun, I can laugh even harder! I may have almost wet myself with laughter at the Miley Cyrus edit BRB Changing Underwear. Hey Pewds, do you like playing mobile games for your vids? I have a really good suggestion. Pretty good story too! Hope you play it :D. Have you thought about contacting the Dev or UI team for YouTube at Google to work with them to improve upon the product?

I have worked with some great people in the industry some of which now work at Google and they are all the type of people that are open to ideas.

I was laugh so much I was crying show my brother and he started cracking up show my sister she literally die well maybe literally please do more Obama's was strange, Dr. Phil's was scary, Miley's you couldn't tell the difference and it was payback time for Ian and Anthony aka smosh.

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wich photoshop does pewds use in hes Fabulizer episodes ^ I I I I (edited by A Fandom user) The Fabulizer. 0. 4. 0. PewDiePie Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Community Experts online right now. Ask for FREE. Ask Your Question Fast! Feb 08,  · It's actually a default photoshop setting, but I don't know what it's called in english since my photoshop is Dutch, although it shouldn't be hard following my screenshot. Filter > Oilpaint (7th.

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Serp 1 Pewdiepies fabulizer Piewdiepies photoshoper Witch program uses pewdiepie. What would you like to ask? Please check and try again. This is NOT abusive. I pressed this button by accident. It is offensive or harmful. It does not contain enough information. It contains or requests illegal information. It does not make sense. Consumer Electronics. Chemistry Engineering Mathematics Physics. What photoshop does pewdiepie use in his video series fabulizer?

I need a good photoshop program, i liked the one of pewdiepie. Asked by: Hheav. Ads by Google. This site is best viewed while logged in. Top Solutions. Adobe is most popular in making software.

I tried adobe photoshop but its not like the photoshop he uses Add your answer. Was this answer helpful? Yes No. Liamstallard said: yes i know what he used but what tool? Was this comment helpful? This answer closely relates to:. Someone said: What devices can you use it on? Anonymous 5. I tried adobe photoshop but its not like the photoshop he uses. Anonymous 2. Well he uses photoshop cc maybe idk. Suggested Solutions 10 What's this? MaxxSpy allows you to save logs to a CSV file.

Simply click the CSV link on any viewer page. The results will show in a new window where you can save to any location. This is useful for viewing logs in a spreadsheet program such as Excel, or for a way to see all Text Messages at once.

Maxxspy To change your password, go to your online control panel and click the My Settings link in the top section. Insert the appropriate fields and click Change. Your password will then be changed. You do not need to change the password on the device you are monitoring. He uses photo shop high definition for short pshd.

Anonymous 1. Tm relly bored and want to play with photoshop. Its not a website its a program its PhotoShop. I think he uses an app from steam on his computer. Photoshop cs. I need to know as well. Look it up online. Add Your Answer What photoshop does pewdiepie use in his video series fabulizer? Anonymous 0. Why did my chemical romance break up?

It was so sudden?? They are a really amazing and talented band i know they struggled with alcohol and drug abuse but i thought all of that was sorted like even before the black parade era? I am really confused. Anonymous "What photoshop does pewdiepie the youtuber uses? What photoshop does pewdiepie the youtuber uses?

Pewdiepie is a youtuber that sometimes makes weird pitures on the internet. This discussion closely relates to:. Why does OBS only record audio and not gameplay? I recently downloaded obs and wanted to record clustertruck, when I had recorded it I had to download an app to let me see it. Anonymous "How does pewdiepie photoshop images How does pewdiepie photoshop images? Pewdiepie does photoshopping videos every now and again and it always loks so coool. I was just wondering what he uses or just how to photoshop in general.

What is a good photoshop app for iPad? Any help? What Photoshop version does Pewdiepie use, and what is it called?

Anonymous "What is the best photoshop app? What is the best photoshop app? How do I stop procrastination? Procrastination sucked and all I need to know is how to stop this delaying my work sometime. Well I am able to complete my task, how do we even avoid procrastination and do our work? I think a lot and plan a lot sometime delaying without doing it so but still complete it anyway. English please. Can you help us by answering one of these related questions?

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Ask for FREE. Top Solutions Adobe is most popular in making software. Yes No Liamstallard said: yes i know what he used but what tool? Comment Reply Report. Yes No Someone said: What devices can you use it on? RandomQuestione Level 1 Contributor 4 Answers.

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