What states have 3 nfl teams

what states have 3 nfl teams

U.S. cities with teams from four major league sports

Which states have the most number of NFL teams? A: California and Florida, with three NFL teams each. 3. Which states have more than one NFL team? NFL Teams by State Arizona Colorado Florida Georgia Illinois Indiana Louisiana Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Missouri Nevada.

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Currently voted the best answer. Vote for this answer. Texas had Houston Texans and Dallas Cowboys. How to become a catastrophic insurance adjuster had Cinncinati Bengals and Cleveland Browns.

Pennsylvania had Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles. The Giants and Jets both play in New Jersey. Editor: this is true, but both teams "count" as Stats York teams. Get a new mixed Fun Trivia quiz each day in your email. It's a fun way to start your day! What states have two or more American Football teams?

How many states of the USA have no professional teams in the four major sports? We ask statez submitters to havve research questions and provide sources where possible. Feel free to post corrections or additions. This is server B

State Name - NFL Team(s)

Dec 05,  · California Has 3 NFL Teams: The Chargers, 49ers and Rams; Florida Also Has 3 NFL Teams: The Buccaneers, Dolphins and Jaguars. Sports Quiz / states that have 3 nfl teams Random Sports or NFL Quiz Can you name the states that have 3 nfl teams? by ethan Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle. Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star. Support Sporcle. Go Orange. Get the ad-free and most optimal, full-featured Sporcle experience. Lots of them! The NFL currently carries 32 teams across 2 conferences, the AFC and the NFC, and each conference has 4 divisions, based loosely on geographic divisions. Given that there are 32 teams, and 50 states, we’d expect that, at a minimum, 1.

Asked by Wiki User. New York, Florida and California lead all states with 3 teams per state. Or You can say Jags,Dolphins and Bucs. NO state has more then 3 NLF teams Cali and FLA. If you mean how many does an NFL team have? They can have 2 or 3 players at any position. Most teams have 3 QBs, 3 RBs, ect. WR, most teams have at least 5. Randy Moss. Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Missouri all have two teams each. Patriots, 49ers, Steelers. I don't know, do you?

Not sure.. From what I studied in the NFL they do everything for money. Florda and California, 2 highly visited states, have 3 NFL teams. The Texans are the only one I can think of. Ask Question. Football - American. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered Anonymous Answered Florida California. Related Questions. How many nfl teams started and made playoffs?

How many NFL football teams exist? How many NFL football teams does California have? How many NFL football teams does Texas have in ? How many nfl teams have won 3 or more Super Bowls? What 3 states have a total of 9 NFL teams? How many NFL teams are there currently in Florida? How many professional teams does California have? What state has 3 NFL teams? How many teams lost their last three games and still made the nfl playoffs?

Does any state have more than 3 NFL teams? Which state has 3 NFL teams? What 3 states Have 3 NFL teams? How many substitutes in an American football team? What NFL teams play a 4 3 defense? Which state does not have 3 nfl teams? Who are the top 3 NFL winning teams? What NFL teams play a defense? What are all 3 professional NFL football teams in California? Why does California have 3 football teams? How many NFL teams are in Florida?

Which 3 NFL teams are named after a State? How many nfl teams have won 3 super bowls? Trending Questions Is silence a sound? If you are 13 years old when were you born?

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